A mediator is a neutral and impartial third party who helps facilitate communication, negotiation, and problem solving between two or more parties involved in conflict or a dispute.

A mediator guides parties through the mediation process creating a structured, controlled, and safe environment for addressing difficult issues.

A mediator asks questions and encourages parties to openly discuss their concerns and explore mutually agreeable solutions.

A mediator helps parties constructively communicate through the anger and emotion that accompany many disputes and encourages them to maintain a respectful atmosphere.

A mediator is NOT a decision maker like a judge or arbitrator. A mediator does not decide the outcome of a mediation or tell anyone to agree to anything. In mediation, the parties are the decision makers and will solely decide whether to enter into any agreement.

A mediator does NOT provide legal or financial advice nor any form of psychological counseling. If parties are in need of such advice or counseling during the course of the mediation they are free to seek other professionals for that purpose.