Employers often comment on the positive qualities Bennington students have brought to their workplace: curiosity, tenacity, intelligence, commitment, passion. If you are interested in advertising a position to Bennington students, consider the several different capacities in which they might be interested in working with you and the ways that each will benefit your organization.

  • Field Work Term (FWT): This is a seven-week winter term during January and February, in which all students at the school are required to take jobs and internships in fields related to their academic interests. During this time, students work a minimum of 30 hours a week and receive credit toward graduation. Employers hiring students for FWT must agree to regular supervision of the student, completion of a timesheet, and a written evaluation of the student’s work.
  • Summer jobs: If you have a summer opportunity you would like to make available to students, we will post it in our online database and in our summer job binders. Bennington students complete their spring term in early June. Since students generally do not receive credit for these positions (except in special circumstances), no special paperwork is required. Simply email us the job information to advertise a summer job.
  • Term jobs: If you have a local (Bennington area) position to be completed during an academic term (September to December or mid-February to early June), email us your job information and we will include this in a binder of local off-campus jobs.
  • Full-time jobs for graduating students: Approximately 125 students graduate from Bennington every June, and a small number complete in December each year. If you would like to advertise a position for graduating students, please email your job information and we will post it in our office and online.

Recruiting on Campus

You are welcome to schedule a time to come and speak with students about your organization and the employment/internship opportunities that you are offering. The FWT and Career Development Office can help you set up an information session or interview candidates on campus. Meeting students on campus can be a great way to see what makes a Bennington education unique and give you more exposure to the student body. Give us a call at 802-440-4321 to discuss what the best option would be for you to recruit Bennington students for your organization.