Bennington requires students to be exceptionally self-motivated and to take risks—but starting a new job, even for a short period, can be an intimidating process for everyone. If your FWT intern is a first-year student, this may be his/her first professional experience. Most of our students use this time to explore a different part of the country (or the world) and may be unfamiliar with your area.

Facilitate the Transition for Your Student

The first day

  • Show the student around your organization and introduce him/her to the people with whom s/he will be working.
  • Discuss the student’s goals for the internship.
  • If a phone, desk, computer, or other equipment will be needed, have that ready when s/he arrives.
  • Explain the culture of your organization, including both official policies and unwritten expectations for employees/volunteers.

During the internship

  • Meet with your student weekly (at least) to complete the time sheet and discuss progress.
  • Give feedback with specific examples.
  • Provide interesting projects. Even if the job involves some tedious tasks, work with the student to design a project that will give him/her real experience in your field.