Course Sampler

“Bennington puts so much emphasis on interdisciplinary work…It’s this blank canvas that you have to make something out of—you have guidance, but ultimately it's up to you.”

  • Don Quixote, with Marguerite Feitlowitz
  • Introduction to Relief Printing, with Thorsten Dennerline
  • Philosophical Reasoning, with Karen Gover

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“I’m working on two senior projects. One is a philosophy thesis addressing writers such as Camus and Sartre, who wrote both fiction and philosophy. I'm arguing that the literary aspect of existentialism is part of what makes it so relatable and, for lack of a better word, real. The other is the short story collection, which I first began in Becky Godwin’s Reading and Writing Short Stories class; I had always wanted to write fiction, but never fully completed a story until I took that class. Now I have nine stories for the collection and four that I’m still working on. Recently it came into my head exactly how I’m going to structure and order them. I’m excited to look at these ideas from both sides: the creative and the critical. When I think about graduating and having these two huge stacks of paper in front of me, the thesis and the fiction, it’s a really satisfying image."

Read Michael's thesis and his collection of short stories.