Deadlines | How to Apply | Financial Aid Handbook

Financial aid packages for international students typically consist of a Bennington Grant, a Bennington Loan, and an allocation for campus employment. This funding is awarded based on both a student’s financial need and the merit of his or her application. Only a limited number of financial aid packages are awarded to international students, and the College is not able to meet the full need of all admitted students.

  • Grants: Bennington Grants are awarded to international applicants based both on a student’s financial need and on his or her merit. These funds do no need to be re-paid.
  • On-campus job: Many aid awards include a job allocation, which means the student may apply for specific on-campus jobs. A student is not guaranteed a job during any given term, but most students who try to obtain work are successful. Earnings are paid directly to the student and are most often used to pay personal expenses during the term.