To Be At Bennington

More than 300 alumni returned to campus last week representing the classes of 1943 to 2013. And as it is so often the case, what it is to be back at Bennington defies articulation but is most evident in the experience of being here. This video captures some of the experience, the programs, the people who came back and found everyone they needed here. Enjoy.

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75th Anniversary

In October 2007, more than 400 alumni, parents, and friends converged on Bennington's campus to celebrate 75 years of pioneering education. Faculty, students, and alumni offered a variety of workshops, and Helen Frankenthaler '49 exhibited her rarely seen sculptures. In her keynote address, President Coleman shared how Bennington is leading the way for a new liberal arts.

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September 27–29, 2013

Take a look at programming from 2013. Visit the Flickr page to see pictures from the weekend. See who came back! Join the Bennington College alumni group. Follow us on Twitter for upcoming event information.

Thank you to the 2013 Reunion Host Committee

Vivian Lescher Werner ’43
Penelope Perkins Wilson ’45
Barbara Ushkow Deane ’51
Ruth Ring Harvie ’56
Priscilla Alexander ’58
Terry Connelly Whiting ’58

50th Reunion
Judith Schneider Bond ’61
Uliana Fischbein Gabara ’61
Rosalind Moger Bernheimer ’62
Jane Vance McCauley ’62
Nancy Comstock Andrews ’63
Judith Selis Davidson ’63
Arlene Heyman ’63
Nina Pelikan Straus ’64

Susan Paris Borden ’69
Janis Pryor ’71
Alan Kornberg ’74
Myrna Packer ’74
Vanessa Guerrini-Maraldi Wilcox ’78
Annie Coggan-Crawford ’85
Marri Davis ’86
Bret Easton Ellis ’86
Lincoln Schatz ’86

25th Reunion
Chris Boscia ’87
Arjun Desai ’88
Erin Parish ’88
Rachel Schatz ’89

Tracy Katsky Boomer ’91
Margot Hoerrner ’91

20th Reunion
Elizabeth Iarrapino Bellin ’92
Amanda Spooner Frank ’92
Jenny Chapin Woods ’92
Cinnamon Booth ’93
Susie Felber ’93
Aaron Sylvan ’93
Maisie Todd Wallick ’93
Brendan Frank ’94

Aryn Chapman ’95
Joanne Lembo ’95
David Anthony ’96
Eben Moore ’96

15th Reunion
James Simon ’97
Taliesin Thomas ’98
Jessica Phillips ’99

Jenna White ’00
Matty Sterenchock Wilder ’00

10th Reunion
John Boyd ’03
Daniel Grossman ’04
Jonathan Mann ’04
Courtney Hill Wulsin ’04
Rachel Shirk ’04
Chrissy Souder ’04

Catharine Maloney ’05
Shira Sternberg ’05
Lawson Wulsin ’05
Ariel Herwitz ’06
David Anthony Perez ’06

5th Reunion
Sarah McAbee ’07
Brian Pietras ’07
Suzanne Brundage ’08
Julie Moore ’08
Samantha Damon ’09

Tambudzai Kudze ’10
Lea Hershkowitz ’11
Henry Lyon ’11
Dmitri Glickman ’12
Insiyah Mohammad ’12
Lydia Viallon ’12
Michaela Levin ’13

Updated: October 1, 2013