“I believe in the value of the liberal arts education
Bennington provides—the world needs more
well-rounded, independent thinkers.”

— Joanne Lembo ’95


  • Director of Student Activities, Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NY
  • Mother and Spouse
  • Member, Bennington Alumni Cooperative and Bennington Fund Alumni Volunteers
  • Philanthropist

During a trip to New York, Joanne Lembo had dinner with some good friends from college. “We all agreed,” she remembers, “at Bennington, we learned how to learn.” Joanne says her experience shaped who she is now in many ways. “Bennington taught me that my voice is important, and that I should use it in support of what I believe in. It also gave me the confidence to use that voice.”

Today Joanne manages a busy life in New Hampshire as a mother, spouse, and school administrator, and she also volunteers for Bennington as a member of the Alumni Cooperative. “I support Bennington because I wholeheartedly believe in the value of the liberal arts education that Bennington provides.”

In addition to her volunteerism, Joanne set up a recurring gift to the College, making smaller monthly payments throughout the year and thereby increasing her overall annual support. “The world needs more well-rounded, independent thinkers. Any amount of money that an individual is able to give helps Bennington continue to thrive.”

Large or small, your gift to Bennington makes you a philanthropist. Learn more about making a recurring gift. Questions? Call 800-598-2979 or email Cindy Luce.