The cost of FWT varies greatly depending on the job you select and the housing arrangements you make. Costs can range from nominal (if you live at home for FWT) to $2,000 or more if you need to travel a long distance and pay for your own housing and food.

Bennington students are responsible for meeting their own expenses during this term. Many students elect to live at home during their first FWT, but for those who choose to work away from their hometown, there are several ways to make that option more financially feasible:

  • Some FWT opportunities pay wages, offer a stipend, cover transportation costs, or provide room and/or board.
  • Students may combine paying and non-paying jobs.
  • Students may apply for grant money from the FWT and Career Development Office.
  • Students can cut their housing costs by staying with relatives in other parts of the country, with the families of other students, or sharing housing with other students who plan to work in the same city. Employers may also be able to offer leads for low-cost housing.

Combining Paying and Non-paying Jobs

In addition to their primary FWT internship, many students choose to take a part-time job during FWT to help meet their financial needs. If you have financial need, you may be able to count the hours worked at a paid part-time job toward your FWT hours requirement. However, the majority of your 210 hours must be in a FWT job relevant to your educational goals.