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Clubs and Orgs (column 1)

  • Animation Club

    Animation Club

    A group that explores anime through film drawing and discussion of art and culture. Email leader(s).

  • Bennington Connects

    Bennington Connects

    Bennington Connects (BCs) strives to bring the outside world into Bennington College by ​providing a platform for students to introduce and bring about dialogue on diverse cultures and practices. BC aims to achieve this by organizing intercultural shows, educational workshops and lectures, thereby enhancing an understanding and appreciation of the diversity within and outside the college. BCs aims to raise awareness regarding not only cultural but societal issues—involving economic, social and political matters—by inviting guest speakers, holding discussion forums, staging debates, and organizing other activities, in collaboration with other clubs and organizations for the benefit of the entire college community. Email leader(s).

  • Bennington Environmental Action Group

    Bennington Environmental Action Group

    We are a group of like-minded environmentalists working and creating dialogue with an emhasis on student action to affect positive change here at Bennington College. Email leader(s).

  • Bennington Movement Collective

    The Bennington Movement Collective

    The Movement Collective is a supportive, fun, and respectful body of students who grow and flourish through deepening their engagement in the creation and investigation of new movement art works and processes. It provides an environment for students from all backgrounds to collaborate and learn from each other’s experiences and find their individual voice in a movement setting. Email leader.

  • Bennington Sustainable Food Project

    Bennington Sustainable Food Project

    To encourage sustainability and foster a conscious food culture within our community. Visit the garden blog or email the leader(s).

  • Broadway @ Bennington

    Broadway @ Bennington

    A group of students who want to bring musical theatre to the Bennington community, creating a forum where musicals can be discovered, discussed, performed, and enjoyed. We also aim to give opportunities to on-campus composers, writers, and performers to show their work and get feedback. Email leader(s).

  • Chess Club

    Chess Club

    Chess Club is a place where the Bennington community can come together to better their game, or simply to relax and let off some steam. Through weekly play, we hope to refine our members’ skills and appreciation for the game. Email leader.

  • Classic Film Series

    Classic Film Series

    We invite you to sit back and enjoy some special films in the best cinema on campus every Friday night. Whenever possible films are screened from Blue-Ray on an HD projector with 5.1 surround sound. While each term we include some of the favorite classics, the selection is designed to pique curiosity and excited the senses with those forgotten, ignored or taboo films that deserve a place in the classical cannon. Email leader(s).

  • Drama Collective

    Drama Collective

    The Bennington College Drama Collective is devoted to facilitating and providing a platform for the exhibition of student work in drama, as well as cultivating a cohesive drama community within the student body of Bennington College. In addition to the 24-Hour Plays and the Object Plays, traditional events held at the beginning of fall and spring terms respectively, the Collective facilitates various play readings and events to unite the drama community as much as possible. We strive to exist as an approachable and accessible collective, providing opportunity to anyone who expresses interest. We wish to make students feel comfortable and welcome in collaborative and creative extracurricular settings. Email leader(s).



    The DREAM Program, Inc., is a mentoring organization that pairs college students with youth from affordable-housing neighborhoods. Our mentoring relationships empower children to lead healthy, productive lives. Email leader(s).

  • French Club

    French Club

    French Club’s mission is to provide francophiles and anyone else interested in French language and culture a way to come together as a group. Some possible activities we may do as a club include watching movies, cooking French food, and playing French games together. Email leader.

  • Kulanu


    Kulanu (Hebrew for "all of us") is Bennington's Jewish student group. We invite Jews and non-Jews alike to learn about and enjoy various aspects of Jewish culture, from celebrating holidays to learning music to cooking (and eating) food to discussing various aspects of our religious and spiritual practice. Email leader.

  • Interfaith Community

    Interfaith Community

    We believe in the beauty and significance of every person’s journey toward self-discovery. We cultivate community through conversations and storytelling in which we explore and share in one another’s diverse experiences of spirituality, faith, religion, and meaning-making. Not only do we provide a safe space for personal reflection, but we also seek to learn from each other’s evolving beliefs, practices, and questions. Email leader(s).

  • Latin@


    We strive to spread awareness and celebrate the Latin@ culture by providing both a home to Latin students and non-Latin students. Email leader.

  • Left at Bennington

    Left at Bennington

    We are a student-run leftist cooperative that seeks to engage Bennington through activism and creative questioning. Our activities include publication, participation in national campaigns, local volunteering, and discussion. Email leader(s).

  • ONE


    ONE is a global campaigning and advocacy organization taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease. ONE at Bennington aims to raise awareness about these issues and mobilize students to take advocacy action. Email leader(s).

  • Swing and Social Dance

    Swing and Social Dance

    The class and social event of the week! No, but seriously, this club promotes and provides opportunities for swing dancing and other forms of social dance on campus. We have weekly hour-long classes for beginners and more, followed by an hour of DJd music for everyone to practice their newfound awesomeness. Pop in, try it, enjoy it! Email leader(s).


Clubs and Orgs (column 2)

  • Bennington Free Press

    Bennington Free Press

    As Bennington's only student-run newspaper, we will report on the events of both the campus and town community and research and analyze issues that affect Bennington students with fairness and accuracy sing both print and online mediums. Email leader(s).

  • BEnnington WELLness Project (BE WELL)

    BE WELL Project

    The BEnnington WELLness Project (BE WELL) is a student organization, in collaboration with faculty and staff, dedicated to holistically addressing and supporting the emotional and physical well-being of the Bennington community, with special attention given to advocating for mental health. Open communication with Health and Psych Services, Campus Safety, Student Life, and the administration is essential to achieving our goals. We also pride ourselves on staying connected and collaborating with other student organizations on campus, such as SWAG (Sexual Wellness Advocacy Group). BE WELL meetings provide a safe space for students to address issues, receive support, and get connected with the resources they need. The project promotes these aspirations through workshops, events, resource promotion, and special projects. Email leader.

  • Budget and Events Committee

    Budget and Events Committee

    This committee is a group of students advised by an Assistant Director of Student Life staff dedicated to providing budgetary and event planning support both to student organizations and students interest in planning events for the Bennington College community. Email leader.

  • Program Activity Council (PAC)

    Program Activity Council (PAC)

    PAC, overseen by the Office of Student Life, is a student-run board that imagines, creates, and produces a wide variety of events for the entertainment of the Bennington College community throughout the academic year. PAC strives to foster relationships with the student body by providing opportunities that support and nurture the entire Bennington populace while encouraging an open dialogue between its members and the wider student body. Through suggestion from fellow students and the continuation of long running community traditions, PAC aims to balance out the Bennington students’ academic workload with social events that bring the campus community closer together. Email leader.

  • Student Educational Policies Committee (SEPC)

    Student Educational Policies Committee (SEPC)

    The SEPC represents the student body on matters of academic policy, working to communicate and collaborate with students, faculty, and administration on academic matters at the classroom, discipline and institutional levels. Email leader(s).

  • Student Endowment for the Arts (SEA)

    Student Endowment for the Arts (SEA)

    The mission of the SEA is to directly aid artistic endeavors of students working in visual art, music, drama, dance, and writing, which seek monetary support extending beyond the applicable department’s funding capabilities. SEA strives to familiarize Bennington students with the act of grantwriting. The SEA board is made up of students from all disciplines, who are elected to review anonymous proposals in a professional, respectful, and organized manner. Through assisting students with grant proposals and ultimately awarding grant funds, the SEA aims to support individual artists, as well as strengthen the role of the arts within the broader Bennington community. Email leader.

  • The SILO

    The SILO

    Silo is the student-operated literary/arts journal of Bennington College that, since 1941, has published the work of Bennington students, striving to represent a range of work in all disciplines. It is published biannually online and a cumulative volume containing student work from both terms is printed each spring. Email leader(s).

Bennington Athletic Department

Clubs and Orgs (column 3)

  • Archery Club

    Archery Club

    The Archery Club’s goal is to offer practice time for anyone, beginner or expert, who wishes to improve their skill with a bow. For beginners who have little to no experience, instruction will be offered. Equipment will be provided, but if you have your own, feel free to bring it. Email leader.

  • Badminton Club

    Badminton Club

    The Bennington Badminton Club is designed for new and veteran players to come learn, practice, and play in a fun and friendly environment. We aim to build friendships one shuttlecock at a time. Badminton, fun for all. Don't knock it, until you try it! Email leader.

  • Basketball


    To have fun playing basketball and to provide an environment to promote wellness through activity for beginners and experienced players. Email leader(s).

  • Bennington Ultimate Club

    Bennington Ultimate Club

    Get together with some grizzly guys and gals to huck the ‘bee and have a good time. Email leader(s).

  • Cycling Club

    Cycling Club

    To strengthen the community of cyclists on campus and provide a resource to those interested in road biking, mountain biking and cyclocross. Please email if you would like to get notifications about rides, tune-up workshops, and touring trips throughout the term. Email leader(s).

  • Outdoor Club

    Outdoor Club

    To support and nurture the outdoor community here at Bennington College, we host regular outings throughout the term as well as daily sessions at the Climbing Wall in the Meyer Rec Barn. Email leader(s).

  • Ski and Snowboard

    Ski and Snowboard

    The goal of this club is to promote the sports of skiing and snowboarding in New England as well as to provide students with an oppurtunity to meet new people and form lasting friendships with others who have similiar interests. Email leader.

  • Soccer


    Intramural soccer on the Bennington College campus. Coed, all skill levels welcome! Email leader(s).

  • Swimming


    Swimmers meet to ride-share and plan trips to the local pool at the Bennington Rec Center. All skill levels welcome. Email leader.