In accordance with applicable laws, Bennington College makes reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities when such accommodations are necessary to ensure equal access to the campus or curriculum. Students wishing to apply for accommodations for a documented disability, whether permanent or temporary, must complete the Disability Accommodation Request form and speak with the assistant dean for academic services.  These forms are available in the Dean’s Office or online. A request for an accommodation shall conform to the requirements indicated on the Form and normally must be augmented with appropriate recent professional documentation. Requests can be made at any time; however, in order for accommodations to be approved prior to the start of the term, completed forms and documentation must be submitted by June 1 for fall term and January 15 for spring term (these dates vary for Master of Arts and Postbaccalaureate programs). Accommodations are not retroactive; accommodation requests granted after the beginning of a term will not apply to previous work in courses for that term or previous terms. The assistant dean for academic services serves as the disability services coordinator for students with disabilities. The assistant dean for academic services will work with students to ensure access to approved accommodations following appropriate review and will assess the efficacy of the accommodations being provided.

Grievance Policy for Students with Disabilities

Students who think they have been denied equal access to the College’s academic programs, resources, or other services because of a disability may file a detailed written grievance with the Dean’s Office as soon as possible after the alleged discrimination occurred, but in no event more than 60 days thereafter. In order to establish the basis for such a grievance, students must have filed a Disability Accommodation Request Form and supporting documentation with the Dean’s Office and discussed their request with the assistant dean for academic services.

The College encourages students to first speak with the disability services coordinator in order to resolve their complaints informally. If informal steps do not satisfactorily address the complaints, students may file the written grievance described above with the Dean’s Office. The associate dean of the College will investigate the complaint and issue a report, normally within 30 days.