Committees are either faculty elected or appointed by the President or Provost and Dean. Appointments are typically made prior to the beginning of the academic year. The terms for faculty-elected committees are staggered; elections are ongoing throughout the year.


Committees: President-Appointed Committee

  • Administrative Review Committee

  • Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Advisors

  • Safety Committee

  • Land and Building Use Committee

  • Sustainability Committee

Provost and Dean of the College-Appointed

Committees: Provost and Dean of the College-Appointed

  • Curriculum Planning Committee

  • Judicial Committee

  • Committee on Research with Human Participants

  • Production Committee


Committees: Faculty-Elected

  • Academic Policies Committee

  • College Steering Committee

  • Faculty Committee on Grievances

  • Faculty Review Appeals Committee

  • Faculty Performance Review Committee

Student Life Office-Appointed

Student Governance

Committees: Student Governance Committees

  • Budget and Events Committee

  • Program Activity Council (PAC)

  • Student Educational Policies Committee (SEPC)

  • Student Endowment for the Arts (SEA)