Green Campus

Thriving in the Green Mountains and awash with trees, Bennington already looks pretty green to the casual observer. But the efforts it’s making to become a “green campus”—which includes the ambitious long-term goal of achieving complete carbon neutrality—are changing the way it uses resources from the inside out.

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Tour the Student Garden

Get to know the flora, fine-art trellises, and dedicated keepers of the Bennington Student Garden, a two-year-old initiative powered by the student-run Bennington Sustainable Food Project.

Since filming, this project has grown to 50 active members and moved to a bigger, permanent garden plot. Among the many garden projects are a student-run food coop cart (called "Coop"), a wood-fired oven, and an herb labyrinth.

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Farm to Table

From garden to lunch in 90 seconds with Sofie Sherman-Burton '12 and Bryan Markhart '13 of the Bennington Sustainable Food Project, which aims to bring enriched, locally-sourced food to campus.

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Submit a Project Proposal | Environmental Studies Program

Contact:, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Planning, 802-440-4439

The mission of the Sustainability Committee at Bennington College is to advance a shared sense of responsibility towards the social, economic, and environmental well being of our campus, our community, and our world. Composed of students, faculty, and staff. the committee seeks to develop a campus-wide ethic of sustainability in order to educate our community and lead by example.

The committee understands that sustainability is not a goal but a process, and intends to learn from the successes and mistakes of the past to create a more sustainable society where people live productive, dignified lives and are stewards of their communities and their natural environment.

The Committee seeks to advance this mission by:

  • Advancing sustainability in College operations, academics, and campus life.
  • Supporting the exploration of complex issues and the development of strategies to achieve sustainable solutions.
  • Fostering collaboration between the College, the local community, and the world at large to promote a greater understanding of sustainability.
  • Cultivating affection for our campus through a shared appreciation of its beauty, history, and stewardship.

The Committee also accepts and reviews proposals for sustainability projects from all members of the College community, and will provide limited financial support (when needed) for those approved for implementation.