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Spring Term 2015

Foreign Language Placement Tests

Monday, xxxSeptember 2, 8:00–9:30 am (10- to 15-minute assessment)

If you want to register for an upper-level language course (4000-level course), sign up for a placement test (10 minutes) outside of faculty offices. If you are interested in an introductory course and have never studied the language before, you can add the course directly during add/drop.

Placement Tests will be given by faculty in the following locations:

  • Chinese: Ginger Lin, Barn 230
  • French: Stephen Shapiro, Barn 221; or Noelle Rouxel-Cubberly, Barn 221
  • Italian: Barbara Alfano, Barn 211
  • Japanese: Ikuko Yoshida, Barn 217
  • Latin: Stephen Shapiro, Barn 221; or Noelle Rouxel-Cubberly, Barn 221
  • Spanish: Sarah Harris, Barn 216b; or Jonathan Pitcher, Barn 215

Music Auditions

  • MIN4417 Bass with Bisio: Please contact Michael Bisio to schedule an audition time.
  • MIN4218 Brass Instruments and MPF4237 Brass Chamber Ensemble: Please contact Nathan Botts to schedule an audition time. Times are available after 4:00 pm Tuesday, September 3, and 11:00 am–1:30 pm on Saturday, September 7
  • MIN4355 Cello: Nathaniel Parke | Monday, September 2, 8:00–9:30 am, Jennings 214
  • MIN4225 Classical Guitar | Date tba, Jennings 335C
  • MIN4333/MIN4326 Piano: Piano Faculty | Sunday, September 1, 11:00 am–1:00 pm, Jennings 232
  • MIN4301 Intermediate Voice: Rachel Rosales/ Kerry Ryer-Parke | Monday, September 2, 6:30–7:30pm, Jennings 218
  • MVO4130 Vocal Chamber Ensemble: Kerry Ryer-Parke | Monday, September 2, 6:30–7:30pm, Jennings 218
  • MIN4345 Violin/Viola and MPF4235 String Chamber Ensemble: Kaori Washiyama | xxx x, 1:00–2:00pm, Jennings 214
  • MPF4221 Traditional Music Ensemble: John Kirk | ((date)), 8:00–9:30 am, Jennings 216
  • MPF4100 Sage City Symphony: Date and place tba
  • MIN4237 Saxophone and MIN4223 Clarinet and MIN4335 Jazz Piano Lab and MPF4242 Hearing Herbie: Bruce Williamson | Monday, xxx x, 6:30–7:30pm, Jennings 136

Drama Auditions

Auditions for fall term productions are Thursday, xxx x, and Friday, xxx x. A signup sheet will be posted on the call board.

Dance Auditions

Auditions for student-choreographed dance projects will take place on Thursday, xxx x, 7:00 pm, Martha Hill Dance Theater.