Your campus email address is the primary way we communicate with you, so please check it often.


Staff Updates

We are delighted to announce the following staff changes and appointments:

  • Lydia Brassard, Coordinator for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (Barn 113)
  • Kate Child, Director of the First-Year Experience and International Student Services (Barn 120)
  • Kendra Ericson, Director of Study Away and Associate Director of Academic Services​ (new office location: Barn 242)
  • Noelle Everett Murphy, Director of Grants and Fellowships and Associate Director of Academic Services (Barn 120)
  • Wade Simpson, Crossett Library Acquisitions Coordinator (Crossett Library)
  • Friederike Windel, Kilpatrick Fellow for Academic Services (Barn 120)

Curriculum and Registration

The up-to-date fall Curriculum is available online. Be sure to check out the updates section, where we have added new courses in history, literature, political economy, drama, and cognitive science, among others.

You should also review your course schedule for the fall term in Populi. Log in using your Bennington username and password. Proceed to your “Student” tab, click the cog on the upper righthand side of the page and select “Export Schedule.” Make sure the courses listed are those you intend to take. Room assignments will be added to course schedules in the next couple of weeks, so please download your schedule again prior to the first day of classes on September 1.

For those of you who wish to add or drop classes, you may do so starting August 31 during the afternoon advising and registration period in faculty offices, 2:00–3:45pm. We will be using the standard add and drop forms that we've used in previous terms, and these forms will be available in the Dean’s Office the morning of August 31. If you did not make it into one or more 2000-level courses during the lottery last term, your name will be forwarded to the relevant faculty member for placement on a waitlist; when you return to campus, you may wish to contact the faculty member to inquire about the status of that waitlist. If you are interested in adding a course that requires an audition (an instrumental course, for instance), please contact the faculty member directly to arrange an audition time. You may add courses through September 11, and drop courses through September 16—this is also the last day you may request a letter grade for one or more of your courses.

Finally, keep an eye out for pop-up courses, which we will be offering again this term. Please see the first Academic Minute for more information on pop-ups and the proposal process.

Course Materials and Bookstore

Course material information has been compiled for the upcoming term so that you can order any necessary books or textbooks before returning to campus. This information is available in the student portal–Populi– and can be accessed as follows:

  • Log in to the student portal at
  • On your Home screen, pull up your list of courses, and click on the course for which you'd like to view course materials.
  • Click the Info tab underneath the course title. Any required or optional books will be listed on the right hand side of the page.
  • Click on the book title to obtain more information; most books will have a direct link to Amazon, though you may purchase the title from whatever vendor you choose. Just be sure to get the proper volume or edition, using the ISBN when available.
  • Required supplies are also listed. Course supplies will be in stock and available for purchase in the on-campus bookstore at the beginning of term.

We encourage you to order your books well before the term begins, and prior to your arrival on campus. Although a limited amount of books will be available for each class in the on-campus bookstore, these are primarily intended to facilitate the add/drop process.

If you have any questions about materials for your courses, please direct them to the faculty teaching those courses.

Faculty Comings and Goings: 2015–2016

Fall 2015

  • New faculty: Karthik Pandian, video. View bio.
  • Visiting faculty, new and returning: Crina Archer, political science; Josh Blackwell, painting; David Bond, CAPA; Colin Brant, painting; Lydia Brassard, education; Akiko Busch, environment/literature; Zirwat Chowdhury, art history; Michael Cohen, conflict resolution; Alison Dennis, CAPA; Harlan Fichtenholtz, cognitive science; Beth Goodman, environment; John Gould, literature; Camille Guthrie, literature; Stephen Higa, history; Timothy Karis, anthropology; Karolina Kawiaka, sculpture; Gene Kogan, digital art; Danny Michaelson, conflict resolution; Mohammad Moeini-Feizabadi, public policy; Joe Mundt, mathematics; Sam Pluta, music; Justin Vasselli, computing. View bios.
  • Returning from sabbatical or leave: Barbara Alfano, Nick Brooke, Sherry Kramer, Amie McClellan, Ann Pibal, Eileen Scully, Donald Sherefkin, Ikuko Yoshida.
  • Going on sabbatical or leave: John Bullock, Andrew Cencini, Noah Coburn, Sarah Harris (still advising), Mary Lum, Carol Pal, Susan Sgorbati (still advising), Betsy Sherman.
  • Upcoming retirement: Kathleen Dimmick.

This fall, the Dean's Office will be conducting searches for faculty positions in art history, drama, economics, environmental policy, literature, painting, and psychology. Student participation and feedback is crucial to the process. More information will follow regarding the timeline and the various ways you can take part.

Spring 2016

  • Going on sabbatical or leave: Andrew Cencini, Noah Coburn, Terry Creach, Mary Lum, Jonathan Pitcher, Jenny Rohn.
  • Upcoming retirement: Ron Cohen.

Grants and Fellowships

  • Fulbright U.S. Student Program: The campus deadline for applications is September 9, 9:00 am. Please see Director of Grants and Fellowships and Associate Director of Academic Services Noelle Everett Murphy with any questions.
  • Students seeking funding for study abroad in the Spring 2016 term, should begin researching scholarship options right away. Gilman Scholarship applications are due October 6; Public Action Grant for Study Abroad applications are due October 20, 9:00 am.

Writing Tutors

  • Peer Writing Tutors will begin holding hours on September 13. Any project at any stage of the writing process can be strengthened by working with a writing tutor. Sunday–Thursday, 8:00–10:00 pm, Crossett Library, second floor staff lounge.

Study Abroad

  • Students returning from study abroad: A study abroad re-entry meeting will be held on September 9, 12:15–1:45 pm, Barn 124. We hope you can all attend! As you know, official transcripts were due on August 1. If you are uncertain about the status of your transcript and transfer credit, please contact Kendra Ericson. Transcripts should be sent to the attention of Kendra Ericson.
  • Students studying abroad Fall 2015: Once you have settled in and registered for classes abroad, you will need to send your contact information and course registration to Kendra Ericson. Please continue to check your Bennington email address for updates from the College.
  • Students planning to study abroad: If you are thinking about studying abroad, please plan to attend the Study-Abroad Information Session on September 16, 1:00–2:00 pm, Barn 124. If you are planning to go abroad for the Spring 2016 term, make an appointment with Kendra Ericson early in the term to begin the application process.

Once the term begins, look for more updates and information in the Dean’s Office Academic Minute.