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New in the FWT and CDO

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We are delighted to announce the follow staffing changes and appointments:

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New FWT Proposal with Faculty Advisor Approval

Last year, the FWT Office worked with the SEPC and APC to design a new FWT proposal and faculty approval process intended to better support FWT planning for all students. This fall, we are excited to pilot this updated approach. Students will submit an FWT proposal to faculty by September xx through an online form distributed by the FWT Office at the start of term. Proposals will include up to three ideas for either potential job sites and/or areas of interest targeted to a specific industry or cause. Students will include on the form a brief explanation as to the purpose of each selection. Sites listed do not need to be secured at the time of proposal submission, but should reflect intended areas of work exploration. As in the past, FWT sites are not required to connect directly to a student’s Plan, but should support an educational inquiry related to translating a conceptual knowledge into practice.

The FWT Office will distribute completed proposals directly to faculty advisors for their review. Students will then meet with faculty advisors to discuss proposals, brainstorm additional ideas/contacts, and secure advisor approval. Students will have until October xx to meet with their faculty advisors and have them digitally approve proposals.

This process is intended to insure that all students have the opportunity to gain faculty insights and assistance earlier in the FWT planning timeline. It also should support students by speaking with their advisors early enough for problems to be identified and for compelling ideas to be encouraged. Ongoing fall advising sessions scheduled at student/faculty discretion will still offer additional opportunities to check in about the FWT planning and to update FWT proposals if needed. Approved proposals will remain on-file in the FWT Office.

Students will register for FWT on November xx. The FWT Office will compare registrations with faculty-approved proposals. Registered sites that match proposals will move directly to the FWT Director for final approval. Sites that are not aligned with proposals, will be sent back to the faculty for final review and are not guaranteed approval.

FWT 2016 Hours

This year, FWT is once again a seven-week, 210-hour term. Students can work all of the 210 hours at up to three primary sites, or have the option to use 70 hours toward supplemental positions or projects.

FWT 2016 Postings

As of August xx, we have more than xxx positions already posted for this winter’s FWT, and new ones arriving every day. Be sure to check out the latest and greatest offerings listed on WorkLink or stop by the office to learn more. Your dream FWT is awaiting you!

Career Coaching and FWT Advising Available

Whether you consider yourself a FWT rookie or a well-seasoned internship veteran, we invite you to stop in and discuss your FWT plans. If life after Bennington is what’s on your mind, let’s talk. With career coaching sessions we can help you find what you may be looking for, and you might be surprised at what you discover. Its career planning, Bennington style—purposeful conversation and thoughtful inquiry. You can also schedule an appointment by contacting FWT & CDO (802-440-4321; on campus x4321) or online after September xx, the first full day of classes.