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Community-wide FWT Debrief Lunch

The third-annual community-wide FWT debrief conversation will take place over lunch, noon–1:00pm, on Tuesday, February 23. Join students, faculty, and staff as we all gather to have lunch, share FWT stories and insights, and honor the experiences you just completed. Join a table and jump into the conversation. (Students not on the meal plan who wish to attend can request a meal pass by emailing the FWT Office by February 19.)

FWT Reflective Work

For a reminder, see this year's Reflective Project Options. Students choosing to participate in the Formal Presentation reflective options are required to reserve a spot by Friday, February 12.

  • Reflective essays, interviews, and final blog postings are due Friday, February 26.
  • Reflective videos are due Friday, March 11.
  • Formal presentation prep sessions take place on March 2 and 9, 12:30–1:45pm. Students are required to attend both sessions. Locations to be assigned when you sign up. Presentations will be made at FWT Night on Tuesday, March 15, 6:30–8:30 pm in CAPA.
  • If you need a one-week extension for completing your final reflective work, you can request this anytime before the day your final reflective project is due by completing the request form.

FWT Evaluations

The FWT employer evaluation form includes a specific skill rubric generated from hundreds of past FWT employer comments and from the latest findings on skills and competencies today’s employers are looking for in the workforce. Evaluations from employers are due on Friday, February 26. Evaluations are required from every FWT job that you registered, even if you left a site earlier than planned. All supervisors will be sent instructions for completing the evaluation through Survey Monkey (not through WorkLink). Please check with your supervisor before you leave your job to make sure that your evaluation has been completed and submitted to the FWT Office.

Evaluate Your Site

Take a couple of minutes to share about your site. This information is helpful to students who may consider this site in the future. Instructions on how to complete a site evaluation are available in the Document Library of WorkLink.

Supplemental Hours

If you have worked supplemental hours (up to 70 maximum), be sure to keep track of your hours. Supplemental jobs do not need to be registered, but students do need to show proof of their hours. See the FWT Handbook for details.

Pre-approved independent or collaborative professional work-related projects require proof of the agreed-to finished project and worklog documenting hours and activities. Turn in your signed timesheet or worklog and final work to the FWT Office no later than Friday, February 26, in order to have these hours count.

Independent Study

Your sponsor’s evaluation of your work is due Friday, March 11. Be sure to schedule a meeting with your sponsor to review your work well in advance of the due date to afford sufficient time for your evaluation to be written and submitted on time.