President Coleman Speaks at Education Innovation Summit

Nov 08, 2010
Type your content here...Speaking at the Hathaway Brown School's Education Innovation Summit in Cleveland last week, President Coleman discussed Bennington's major curricular initiative to reorient the liberal arts around 21st century problems and needs.

The three-day event—attended by approximately 300 educators and administrators from U.S. independent schools—featured presentations from experts and innovators including bestselling author Daniel Pink, cofounder Jessica Jackley, technology guru Ian Jukes, and former head of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, Joan Countryman.

"Democracy requires the same demanding mix of intellect and ethics, as does the education that would make it possible," President Coleman said. "They are two sides of one coin and their fates are deeply intertwined. This is the framework from which Bennington's innovations emerge—to create anew a robust connection between liberal arts education and the demands of a vibrant citizenship."

Her speech aroused chatter on a live twitter feed set up for attendees, as well as in the blogosphere.

"Dr. Coleman's work and vision are fascinating," childhood learning expert Jaime Field Baker wrote on her blog. "Her courage is visible as well as her prowess as a thinker and a leader."

The Education Innovation Summit is the latest of many recent events that President Coleman has been invited to speak at, including the Gov 2.0 Summit, the Royal College od Defence Studies, and the 2009 TED Conference.

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