Luke Mogelson ‘05 Pens NYT Magazine Cover Story on Accused U.S. Soldiers

Apr 29, 2011
Luke Mogelson '05's investigative exposé on the alleged murders of three Afghan civilians by U.S. soldiers appears on the cover of this week's New York Times Magazine.

"This isn't to suggest that military personnel are behaving similarly throughout Afghanistan as a result of the conditions there," Mogelson writes. "It is only to say that 10 years into an unconventional war whose end does not appear imminent, the murder of civilians by troops that are supposed to be defending them might reveal more than the deviance of a few young soldiers in a combat zone."

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Recently discharged from the National Guard, Mogelson was one of 10 writers out of nearly 1,900 applicants this year to receive the prestigious Wallace Stegner Fellowship from Stanford University's creative writing program. For more information, click here.