Insight-Decision-Action: An Interview with Gong Szeto

Oct 25, 2012

Klat magazine, a contemporary art, design, and architecture publication, spoke with graphic designer and CAPA fellow Gong Szeto about his ongoing work in collecting and visualizing geopolitical data to enhance the risk assessment capabilities of U.S. federal agencies. 

 "Imagine a dispersed array of intelligence-gathering resources," says Szeto: "Eyes and ears in the field, satellites in orbit, signals from ordinary citizens and NGOs, text messages, tweets, cellphone cameras, analysts’ reports from intelligence agencies, publicly available media and news sources. Individually they only express a narrow slice of what may be happening in a region of concern. It is the composite of them all that paints a detailed picture of whether there may be risk in the form of civil war, famine, terrorist activity. These are all aspects required in the insight part of the equation."

For the full interview, click here (scroll down for English).