Unsettled and Pertpetual: Camille Guthrie Interviews Ann Pibal

Dec 18, 2012

A conversation between literature faculty member Camille Guthrie and visual arts faculty member Ann Pibal was published in the biannual literary arts journal Fence. Pibal's 2011 piece, FLS2, was featured on the front cover.

"My engagement with my work is fully steeped on precedent," said Pibal. "But I don't prioritize backward looking, or a reliance on the past to construct meaning, or to try to recast a story that is presupposed to be already 'understood.' I'm more interested generally in a proposal that is about forward motion, something unsettled - yes, but also perpetual. Something glowing with the light of transition rather than something smartly dusty."

Read the full interview here.