Summer and FWT | We are not open during the summer nor during Field Work Term, but we can be reached by email or voice message (messages will be checked once a week). More information.

Location | Commons, second floor
Phone | x4451 (from off campus 802-440-4451)
Emergency | x767 (SOS) (do not call 911, as this will actually delay the emergency response)
Fax | 802-753-2461
Email |

  • Director of Psychological Services: April Stein, PhD (802-440-4450)
  • Psychiatrist: Lisa Howard, MD (802-440-4448)
  • Psychotherapists:
    • Penelope Owen, LMHC (802-440-4449)
    • Benjamin Addleson, PhD (802-440-4447)
    • Katherine Thomas, MSW (802-440-4459)
  • Therapist and Medication Manager: Joan Fish, RN, MA (802-440-4451)