“The biggest advantage for me was being able to ask every question I had, and have it answered to the fullest, as soon as I had it. I could not have found that anywhere else.”


University of Washington School of Medicine '13

"As an undergrad at Harvard, I had a great opportunity to participate in an internship at a hospital in New York City as part of their patient care and satisfaction initiative. I also studied abroad with a program through Georgetown University in Chile focusing on Globalization and Health. Following college, I traveled to Madagascar for two months to take part in a research study about conservation, human health, the environment, and the challenges in the development of the region in which I stayed. I worked for the international health program at a medical school, where I interacted daily with physicians and residents working in international health, and fulfilled my own enjoyment in patient care by shadowing a physician weekly in clinic.

"All of my experiences in health care and health policy convinced me that, although I have a strong interest in policy work, what made me happiest was interacting with patients. So after two years of this, I was very happy to begin Bennington's program to complete postbac courses in an incredibly supportive and collaborative environment.

"The most valuable aspects of Bennington's postbac program are the small classes and close working relationships with professors. I felt that every faculty member knew my learning style, as well as those of my classmates', and structured course work and discussions to both challenge us and encourage collaboration. The biggest advantage for me in learning at Bennington was being able to ask every question I had, and have it answered to the fullest, as soon as I had it. I could not have found that anywhere else. Being active, engaged, and encouraged in the classroom is what allowed me to learn the basic sciences so well. I also loved my Bennington classmates and worked really well on problem sets, studying, in labs, etc., with the other postbac students as well as the undergrads.

"Medical school has been amazing. Challenging and difficult, yes, but also rewarding and fun! It's a privilege to be entering a profession where you learn the deepest details of people's lives and fears within moments of meeting them. What makes it fascinating is pairing that with the incredible world of the human body and medicine, understanding all we know but also learning we have so much further to go with each new factoid that you are able to digest and put into practice. It's inspiring to know you can be a part of it, you can contribute to it—and even as a med student, you can positively affect people's health.

"And, I have to add—I am starting my residency in Family Medicine at Brown University this summer! It was my first choice on my rank list and I am so thrilled to begin the next phase of my medical career there. I like a little bit of everything—old and young, birth as well as end-of-life care, women and men, adolescents and babies. I have a strong interest in primary care, social determinants of health, women's health and maternal/child health, so Family Medicine is perfect for me."