“Bennington is teaching me to think like a scientist.”


University of California, Berkeley '10

After earning a degree in Urban Studies at UC Berkeley, Karly did some non-profit work and then went on to work as a Medical Assistant at a Berkeley community health family practice clinic before deciding to pursue an MD.

“My interdisciplinary background has taught me that large gaps currently exist in our social systems and result in unsafe neighborhoods, poor nutrition, and educational barriers. When I started work at a community health clinic, I saw the difference that a healthcare provider can make. I believe that health is at the intersection of many of the issues we face; I’m pursuing a career in medicine with the hope that I can make the most impact for positive change.

“Bennington’s seminar-style classes allow us to be creative and curious as we truly engage with the material. I love that we learn not only from enthusiastic, knowledgeable professors, but also from each other. Bennington is teaching me to think like a scientist!

“The friends that I’ve met here, the supportive teachers and staff, the beautiful backdrop of Vermont and fresh produce in my farm box make Bennington a wonderful place to study and live. I couldn’t imagine doing a year-long postbac anywhere else.”