Discipline meetings are times set outside of class for faculty and students in a particular discipline (e.g., literature) to come together for discussion, workshops, and meeting guest speakers. What follows is a sampler of some of these meetings, to see a schedule of this week's gatherings, refer to our events calendar.

Foreign Languages extracurricular meetings develop special campus-wide events emphasizing cross-cultural perspectives, including study groups, films, and invited speakers.

Literature Gatherings are generally every other week and feature readings of student material, faculty work, discussions, and guest readings and lectures. Faculty also meet with literature students each term for conversations about the curriculum.

Music Workshop meets weekly. Student representatives organize the Workshop and schedule showings of student works from composition and instrumental classes, as well as invite guest artist performances and workshops. All students who wish to participate in the end-of-term Music Festival first present their work in Music Workshop. Time is reserved at the end of each Workshop for faculty feedback of student compositions and performances. There is also an open mic opportunity for the entire College community on the last Tuesday of each month.

Dance Workshop was founded in the early years of the College and meets weekly for showings of student works-in-progress, dance films, and guest artist workshops. Students who wish to have their dances included in the fully produced Martha Hill concert at the end of the term first must present their works-in-progress during the four weeks prior to the performance. Students in dance composition classes are encouraged to show work and participate in a supportive critique process.

Drama Forum meets weekly and may include cold readings of new scripts, presentations by students wishing to be considered for future directing projects, and readings from playwright-in-residence works. Drama Forum is also an alternative performance time for productions normally scheduled in the evenings.

Environmental Studies Colloquium includes a series of guest lectures devoted to a particular theme related to the study of and the effects of human activity on the environment. 

Science and Math Workshops offer a weekly opportunity for faculty and students to discuss topics of interest. Students who are planning to do a thesis or other research project first present their proposals for such work at the Workshop. Guest speakers are occasionally invited to the Workshop, but may be scheduled at other times as well.

Social Science Colloquium includes a series of guest lectures and films devoted to a particular theme. Each term, one of the Colloquium sessions is devoted to theses presentations by students concentrating in one of the areas of the Social Sciences.

Visual Arts Meetings:

  • Informal Town Meetings with visual arts students and faculty are held periodically for students who may be interested in studying the visual arts. All aspects of the visual arts curriculum are discussed with emphasis on answering questions.
  • The Visual Arts Lecture Series meets weekly, with invited guest artists presenting their work. Special exhibitions in Usdan Gallery and art history lectures are also a part of this series. Guest artists are invited to meet with students and critique their work.