Information and Instructions

Telecommunications operates under the direction of the Information Technology Office. These instructions on telephone operation and features will answer your questions about using your campus phone. Below is a list of frequently asked questions for help with common issues. If additional assistance is needed, contact the Help Desk ( or x4476). We welcome your call.

The Basics

For students who wish to have phone service or who would like an alternate number listed in the phone directory, please complete this Phone Service Form.

The telephone number is noted on the front of the phone. The campus extension is the last four digits of the telephone number. Anyone with telephone service in their office or house has a voicemail account. If you have any problems, contact the Help Desk ( or x4476).

FAQs: Telecommunications

  • What is my campus extension?

  • Why can’t I access my voicemail?

  • Why does my phone give a half ring and then goes straight to my voicemail?

  • Can I un-delete a voicemail message?