If your plans for program completion change and you drop below a full course of study, you must meet with your International Student Advisor (ISA). Should you take a leave of absence, withdraw voluntarily, or become suspended, you are required to change your non-immigrant status, transfer to another school, or leave the United States. If you are suspended or required to withdraw from the college, you must leave the U.S. immediately. The only exception to remain in F-1 status and in the U.S. is through a valid Medial Withdrawal. This option must be discussed with the ISA before filing for withdrawal or dropping coursework.

If you have fallen out of status while pursuing your education at Bennington, you must complete the application Form I-539 through USCIS. If you have been out of status for more than five months, you are not eligible for reinstatement, and it is recommended you meet with your ISA.