Media Studies

At Bennington, students work closely with faculty to design the content, structure, and sequence of their study and practice—their Plan—taking advantage of resources inside and outside the classroom to pursue their work. 

The study of media at Bennington may include the social contexts, histories, and theories of film, video, web, print, and beyond. Philosophically, media studies encompasses the consideration of media as an art and a practice of making, but also deeply considers all the forms of media as social and cultural forces. Media studies courses and curriculum offer a way to explore the cultural power of media, for example, in terms of its own formal history, its relationship to the politics of visual representation, its influence on society and communication, and its impact on our democratic processes. 

Course offerings range across visual arts, and also cross over into other disciplines and areas, including work with the Center for Advancement of Public Action.

A few sample courses include:
Narrative Cinema: Century One
History of Animation
Black Independent American Cinema: 1960-1980
The Culture of Information
Democracy on Film
French Film Adaptation
Media and Democracy
Media Technology and Social Change
Media Convergence and Culture
Global Activist Video
Social Practices in Art
The Web As Artistic Platform


Erika Mijlin is a producer, editor, writer, and founding partner of the media production company Artifact Pictures.

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