Postbac Tuition and Fees

Annual Fees & Sample Budget

for 2017–2018 Postbac Premed Program

Fall, Spring and Summer Terms

Annual charges and fees
  • Tuition $31,350 ($10,450 per term) (summer, fall, spring)
Indirect costs (used in calculating financial aid eligibility)
  • Living costs (estimated) $16,600
  • Book, supplies, and personal expenses (estimated) $5,700
  • Transportation (U.S. citizens) (variable by state) $150–$1,500
  • Estimated federal loan fees $182
Other required college fees
  • Application fee (one-time charge) $60
  • Enrollment deposit (one-time charge: applied toward tuition for the first term) $500
Other optional annual college fees
  • Health Insurance Plan (optional with waiver) for 2016–17 $2,306
  • On-campus housing (limited availability) cost varies
  • Meal plans (cost varies: contact Bookstore or click here for options)

Updated: April 2017