Devin Gaffney '10

Image of Devin Gaffney

Devin Gaffney is a PhD student at Northeastern’s Network Science Institute. His work began by tracking His work tracks viral cascades, a term used to describe “the phenomenon of content spreading quickly and widely through a human social network”—in other words, the life and death of a meme. Moving into his dissertation, however, his research is now less about viral phenomenon, and more focused on questions of group-opinion dynamics, information diffusion through on- and offline social networks, and network modeling, which  are now central to his research. He has presented his work at at SXSW and has been covered in the national press, including The Boston Globe. Gaffney was previously a lead developer at a startup leveraging social network data in Portland, Oregon. He holds an MSc in Social Science of the Internet from Oxford University’s Internet Institute.