Business Office

Oversees payroll, student billing, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

  • during term: M–F, 9:00AM–5:00PM
  • summer/FWT: M–F 8:30AM–4:00PM
  • ​Barn 105
Image of Brian Murphy
Brian F. Murphy
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Barn 105H

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the College


call call 802-440-4328
David Rekas
David Rekas
Barn 105F
call call 802-440-4667
Katrina Tierney
Katrina Tierney
Assistant Controller
Barn 105D
call call 802-440-4382
Noel Volpi
Noel Volpi
Payroll Specialist
Barn 105C
call call 802-440-4362
Stephen Mathyas
Stephen Mathyas
Senior Accounting Assistant
Barn 105L
call call 802-440-4359
Michelle Rollins, Student Billing Coordinator
Michelle Rollins
Student Billing Coordinator
Barn 105A
call call 802-440-4353
Tricia Bettis
Tricia Bettis
Senior Accountant
Barn 105E
call call 802-440-4298
Laura Callanan
Laura Callanan
Accounting Assistant
Barn 105B
call call 802-440-4744
Teresa Sholes
Teresa Sholes
Project Manager
call call 802-440-4800
Megan Demarest, assistant to the vice president for finance and administration
Megan Demarest
Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration
Barn 105I
call call 802-440-4335