Field Work Term Information

  • Congratulations to all who have secured a FWT site! Please feel free to contact the FWT & CDO if you need support either now or during FWT.
  • For those who have yet to register, please schedule an FWT advising appointment as soon as possible to discuss your FWT circumstances. 
  • After receiving confirmation from your employer and site approval from the FWT & CDO, the office will send you an email containing your registration confirmation along with important information about the term. If you do not receive this confirmation before the end of classes on Friday, December 15, or have questions about the information you receive, please contact our office
  • Information about FWT policy including clarification of primary and supplemental hours can be found in the FWT Handbook. Additionally, all FWT documents, including timesheets, are available on the FWT & Career Resources page.
  • If you’re looking for resources to support your search for FWT housing, please check out the Housing Over FWT page.
  • Due to emergency preparedness policies, the College requires your contact information and general travel plans for FWT to be on file. Complete FWT Registration is contingent upon receipt of your Emergency Contact Information Form by Friday, December 15. Additionally, further updates and notifications throughout FWT will be sent to your Bennington email addresses. Students are expected to check emails regularly over FWT and are responsible for information sent to them. If you will not have access to your Bennington email account over FWT, please contact the FWT & CDO with alternate contact information.