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Field Work Term and Career Development

The Office of Field Work Term and Career Development provides annual field work experiences to help you develop capacity and confidence for work, community engagement, and life after Bennington.

Our staff are ready to help you with every stage of your career exploration journey, from your first Field Work Term to your campus work to your senior job search. We hope you reach out early and see us often.

Find us in Barn 112, just across from Barn North. Email us at fwt@bennington.edu, call (802) 440-4321, or follow us on Facebook. Schedule an appointment for:

  • Alumni networking to tap into Bennington’s diverse professional community
  • Career coaching to help you assess your skills, strengths, and goals
  • Job search help to find Field Work Term opportunities, summer internships, and post-grad jobs
  • Campus employment matching assistance
  • Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile critiques to catch employers' attention
  • Mock interview sessions to help you turn employer interest into job offers

Chart Your Course

Just like the Bennington curriculum, Field Work Term aims to offer you the flexibility to self-direct your course. Beyond internships, you can choose from a wide variety of options to "count" for your FWT. More....

Search Opportunities

Use our new career platform, Handshake, to search thousands of jobs, FWT internships, campus work positions, paid fellowships, and volunteer engagement opportunities. Check out the Handshake career resource library on the upper "careers" tab to find toolkits just for Bennington students. Start searching...

Plan for Success

We know that planning FWT takes a lot of work and time. Make it easier (and way less stressful) by following these tips and timeline for FWT planning. More...

Get Inspired

Roadtrip Nation offers thousands of short interviews with professionals from all walks of life who share how they crafted intentional, creative work lives. Watch and listen...

Get Focused

Part of landing a job is knowing and focusing on your strengths. Clifton Strengths for Students is an online self-assessment tool that helps you to see your core talents and how they can help you navigate the world of work. Students who book an appointment on Handshake will be emailed a free access code. Try it now...

Get Hired

Interview skills are a key factor determining whether you can get a foot in the door with your desired employer. Big Interview allows you to practice your interview skills and clarify your understanding of your value to employers. Use your Bennington email to create a free account and login. Try it out...