Field Work Term Grant Overview

Every year the offices of Field Work Term and Career Development, Institutional Advancement, and CAPA raise funds to offer grants to support students' Field Work Terms. Based on the generosity of many donors, these grants are made available to students needing financial assistance in order to realize an FWT opportunity.

Although fundraising efforts are active, current College grant funds are limited and do not meet need for all students who apply, nor full need for those in the applicant pool.

  • Need based grants typically range from $300-1000 based on assessment of financial need, and typically do not fully fund the cost of FWT. Costs for FWT range from $300 to $3000 and students should think about financing strategies beyond grants. More information on funding your FWT can be found here.

  • Students are required to submit a grant application at the time of FWT registration outlining their FWT budget (expenses, contributions, and remaining financial needs).

  • Returning students may be eligible to apply for specialized funding for work in public action, theater, and entrepreneurship, described below.

Eligibility and Award Considerations

  • All applications must be complete, on time, and accurate. To support fair and equitable consideration for all students, incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

  • Students must complete their FWT plans as described on the grant application and furnishing receipts to match their grant budgets. Students who change FWT plans must complete a grant revision form in order to request to maintain their grant awards.

  • Need-based universal grants are awarded strictly on the basis of financial need, as assessed by financial aid records. Within this need-based consideration, the grant committee will consider individual budget detail on the students’ grant application and allocate a partial award once budget data is verified.

  • Students of high need, particularly Pell-eligible domestic students and high need international students are strongly encouraged to apply. To prioritize those with highest need within a limited grant pool, students assessed to have minimal need may be deemed ineligible for grant awards.

  • Students doing an Independent Study may apply for a FWT grant but must clearly justify all expenses, especially if the study involves travel costs.

  • Students applying to defer their FWT to the summer must apply for grant consideration by the fall due date, as there is only one award cycle per academic year. Should a student receive a grant for summer but then change plans, the grant will be re-evaluated before being disbursed.

Specialized Grants and Fellowships

Public Action Grants, the Lucille Lortel Foundation Theater Fellowship, and the Entrepreneurial Option are both need-based and merit-based requiring:

  • Good academic standing

  • Compelling applications demonstrating accurate budgets and clarity on how the proposed FWT will advance their educational goals

  • Students with both high financial need and strong merit will receive highest priority.

Use of Grant Funds

  • Grants cover costs related specifically to a student’s registered primary FWT position(s) including: travel to the site, commuting, lodging, food, program fees, and other necessary costs.

  • Grants will NOT cover travel between Bennington and home before starting FWT, conference fees (see Dean’s Office for grant information in support of these), charitable donations to nonprofit sites, tuition or class-related costs, or other costs not deemed necessary for the completion of FWT.

Requirements for Grant Awardees

As with any grant, individuals and organizations funding FWT grants outline eligibility criteria for consideration and specify requirements for the awardee to meet upon receipt of the funds. Depending on the donor, students who receive an FWT grant may be expected to:

  • Write a thank-you letter to the grantor

  • Fill out a questionnaire specific to their grant-funded FWT experience

  • Agree to have a brief bio about their academic focus and FWT pursuits available to a public audience

  • Participate at FWT Night