Field Work Term Handbook

The Field Work Term Handbook contains all policies related to Field Work Term, and is updated annually in August. Students and families with questions should contact the Field Work Term and Career Development Office at 802-440-4321 or, or stop by Barn 112.

I. Field Work Term Requirements

  • Graduation Requirements
  • FWT Requirements
  • Primary and Supplemental Positions
  • FWT Approved Waivers
  • FWT and Leave of Absence/Study Away
  • FWT and Academic Withdrawal, Dismissal, and Suspension

II. Field Work Term Summer Makeup

  • Summer Deferral Application and Eligibility
  • Frequently Asked Questions

III. Additional Field Work Term Options

  • FWT Independent Study
  • Professional Training Option
  • Entrepreneurial Option
  • Museum Fellows Term

IV. Field Work Term Registration and Assessment

  • Registering for FWT
  • FWT Assessment and Evaluative Criteria
  • Reflective Projects and Reflective Project Extensions
  • FWT for International Students

V. Handling Job Problems

  • Workplace Issues
  • Discrimination and Harassment