Field Work Term Reflective Project Options

For Field Work Term(FWT) 2018, blog URLs will be due Wednesday, January 3. Formal presentations and reflective interviews must be registered for by February 9. Formal presentations will be given at Field Work Term Night on Thursday, February 22, reflective interviews must take place on or before March 2, and all other reflective projects will be due Friday, February 23. Students can upload reflective essays directly into WorkLink; other reflective projects should be emailed to

As of the Fall 2017 term, first-year students fulfill their FWT project requirement through the first-year essay, which should incorporate thoughts on both academic progress and FWT, and the completion of the FWT Self-Evaluation (by Friday, February 9).

This year, first year reflection essay drafts are due to faculty advisors on March 2, 2018, and final drafts are due to the Dean's Office on March 9, 2018. All other students can choose from one of the below options to meet the FWT Reflective Project requirement:

  • Reflective Essay. For more than 80 years the FWT essay has been how students have traditionally reflected on their FWT experiences. This is an opportunity to write creatively and compellingly about your winter term. See Reflective Essay Guidelines for details. Note: All Memorial grant recipients are required to write a reflective essay as outlined in the FWT Grant Overview.
  • Blog. Keep a video/audio and/or written blog this FWT. See Blog Guidelines for details. Weekly 200-word entries are required throughout the FWT, with a longer summative entry due at the reflective project due date. (Note: blogs are not available as an option for FWT Summer Makeup.)
  • Video. Create a three to five-minute video that chronicles an important aspect of your FWT experience and write an abbreviated essay about the video process. See Video Guidelines for details. (Note: videos are not available as an option for FWT Summer Makeup.)
  • Formal Presentation. Learn the fundamentals of a compelling presentation and share your work with the Bennington community. See Presentation Guidelines for details. Note: All Public Action grant recipients are required to give a formal presentation as outlined in the FWT Grant Overview. (Note: formal presentations are not available as an option for FWT Summer Makeup.)
  • Reflective Interview. This reflective interview option allows you to complete a 45-minute practice job interview with a FWT staff member, designed to help you reflect on and articulate the meaning of your most recent FWT and your cumulative work to date—as it may apply to a real or imagined job opportunity. See Reflective Interview Guidelines for details. (Note: reflective interviews are only available to seniors.)