Proposals and Registration

The FWT proposal process ensures that all students have the opportunity to gain faculty insights and assistance early in the fall FWT planning timeline.

FWT Proposals

To officially kick off their planning, all students submit the FWT Proposal form by September 29, 2017, in addition to the relevant application by October 27, 2017. Students proposing an Independent Study (IS) or applying for a Summer Deferral should still complete the Proposal. IS students should include their primary area of IS focus and a potential FWT backup idea. Students planning on applying for Summer Deferral consideration should list one summer idea and one winter idea (in case your Summer Deferral request is denied).

Students planning on a Study Abroad or Leave of Absence for Spring 2018 should also complete this form, in order to inform us of your Spring plans. (You are not required to list a backup FWT site idea, but you may choose to do so.)

All students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisors to review their Proposals, dialog about academic connections, brainstorm additional ideas/contacts, and clarify next steps. Ongoing fall advising sessions scheduled at student/faculty discretion may offer additional opportunities to check in about FWT planning before the FWT registration date.

FWT Registration

The online FWT registration form is due by November 10, 2017 through the WorkLink system. (Note: Students wishing to apply for an Independent Study, Entrepreneurial Option, or Professional Training Option must submit their FWT registrations early—by Friday, October 27, 2017—due to additional processing required for these FWT options.)

Information Needed to Register

For every FWT job you will need
  • Site and position information. Organization name and address, supervisor’s name, job title, telephone number, email address, job description, and your title.
  • Learning objectives. Explain how what you will be doing fits into your educational goals at Bennington and how you will assess your success towards your goals.

FWT Approval

Once you register your site(s), the FWT Office will
  • Review your FWT position information; confirm eligibility of new FWT employers; email your faculty advisor regarding any issues; and discuss any concerns with you, if applicable.
  • Contact the registered site supervisor to confirm the position.
  • Determine FWT director approval.
  • Secure faculty advisor approval.
  • Email you before the end of term to notify you whether your FWT position has been fully approved.

Your registration status is considered complete only after it receives advisor approval, supervisor confirmation, and FWT director approval. Students will receive an email at their Bennington address within two to three weeks following registration to notify them whether their FWT position has been fully approved. (If additional information or corrections are needed, students have one week to correct the problem before being marked late.)

Please note, adherence to due dates, including FWT proposals and registration, is considered in determining your final FWT assessment. Your FWT assessment is adversely affected by each day an FWT proposal and/or FWT registration is late. A late registration fee of $25 is charged if you miss the FWT registration deadline. Additionally, a student’s FWT assessment is adversely affected by each day an FWT Proposal and/or FWT registration is late.

Registration Extensions

The registration deadline for FWT 2018 is Friday, November 10, 2017. It is important that students meet this deadline in order to allow enough time for review and approval, ensuring students will be registered and supervisors will receive materials in a timely fashion. You may request an FWT registration extension by completing the FWT Registration Extension Request by Friday, November 3, 2017.

For additional support with FWT planning, please email or schedule an FWT Advising Session on Genbook.