On-campus Housing over FWT

FWT is intended as a time for you to leave Bennington and venture into the world beyond campus. That said, in some rare cases it may make sense for you to remain on campus over FWT. Limited, low-cost, campus housing is available for select students during FWT.

You must apply to be considered for housing. Applications are due Friday, November 17, 2017 by 5:00pm. Priority is given to first-year international students with work-visa restrictions, juniors or seniors completing an Independent Study on campus, and students approved to work in a Bennington College office during FWT. All students applying for housing on campus during FWT will be subject to an internal reference check as part of their application for housing.

Living on campus during FWT is a very different experience than during term. The community is smaller and students live much more independently. Before opting for campus housing, students should be aware that during FWT many campus services available during fall and spring term are not open, including the dining halls and health services. Access to other campus buildings, such as VAPA and the Meyers Recreation Center, is limited and administrative offices maintain an abbreviated schedule.

If you hope to use the resources in VAPA, you must apply to rent studio space. For more information on this process, hours available for use, and the costs, contact Angel Brownell (x4586; off campus 802-440-4586).

For questions about on-campus housing over FWT, email Student Life.