FWT Grant Application Guidelines

Application Requirements

All FWT Grant applicants must submit a completed online grant application form and a grant recommendation form. Recommendations are not required for first-term or new transfer students. Please follow grant application directions carefully and answer all questions clearly.

You will be asked to provide all of the following in your grant application:

  • Goals. State your personal and academic goals for FWT 2018.

  • Plans. Indicate what you intend to do for FWT 2018. You should be as specific as possible and explain how these plans tie into your goals as stated above. Be sure to address the following:

    • Explain the scope and content of your proposed work over FWT, either with an organization or through an Independent Study.

    • Explain how this work fits into your Plan, or if it does not, why it is important and additive, and how you expect to connect this FWT experience with your academic program.

  • Financial status. Describe your financial situation. Explain what you have done to prepare for and meet the financial obligation of FWT this year, resources you have available, costs anticipated and how you would use a grant.

  • Budget statement. The official budget statement is a part of the online application form. Use this sample budget to help you organize FWT costs. Incomplete or error filled budget sheets will not be considered. Costs should be well researched and may mean checking area rents for your destination on relocation websites, estimating food costs by visiting a grocery store or talking with someone from the intended location about average weekly grocery bills, and visiting public transit websites to find out about monthly passes. Driving costs for gas and maintenance in the US can be estimated by multiplying your weekly commuting mileage by $0.50 per mile. Please note that while grants will cover travel from your winter break location to your FWT site, and from your FWT site back to school, they do not cover costs associated with traveling home from the College. 


Unless you are a first-year or transfer student, a recommendation is required with your grant application and is due by the grant application due date. Please follow up with your recommender, as your grant application will be incomplete without a recommendation and cannot be considered.

  • Who can recommend you? Recommendations will be accepted from an advisor (either your faculty advisor or academic services advisor), a faculty member familiar with your work, or a senior level administrator at the College familiar with your work (director level or above). We will no longer accept recommendations from work supervisors who do not meet the above criteria or individuals outside of the College. Again, first-term and new transfer students are not required to submit a recommendation.

  • How are recommendations submitted? Recommendations are submitted via an online form. Recommenders should be given at least a week to complete and submit a recommendation once they agree to do so. Recommendations are due by midnight on October 13, 2017. Late recommendations can not be accepted. It is the student’s, not the recommender’s, responsibility to ensure the recommendation is submitted on time.

  • How to ask for a recommendation? Look at our sample email to a recommender, which you can send once you have spoken with them about your plans.