FWT Registration and Assessment

This landing page provides a brief overview of all topics related to FWT registration and assessment. For full details on a given subject, click through the links below.

Registering for FWT

The three main steps of the registration process are the FWT Proposal, the FWT Registration, and gaining approval from your faculty advisor and site supervisor. Click here for an outline, and details on securing a registration extension if needed.

FWT Assessment and Evaluative Criteria

A student’s final FWT assessment is based on adherence to due dates, supervisor evaluation(s), meeting the required number of work hours, and a quality reflective project. A student will receive an assessment of “Pass,” “Marginal Pass,” “Fail,” or “Incomplete” for FWT.

Reflective Projects

First-year students fulfill their FWT reflective requirement through the first-year reflection essay, which incorporates reflections on both academic progress and FWT. All other students complete a FWT reflective project, which may be an essay, blog, video, or formal presentation. Click here for details on these options.

FWT for International Students

Department of Homeland Security visa regulations affect international students' FWT considerations during their first nine months in the United States. Check here for details on this, as well as on Curricular Practical Training, which provides international students with options for off-campus internships after their first nine months.