Pet Policy

Bennington College has established strict policies regarding the presence of pets and animals on campus. While the College appreciates the special nature of the owner-pet relationship, the College is a workplace and residence for many, and, as such, the welfare of the entire community must be considered paramount. The policy recognizes that animals have the potential to impose on the safety, health, personal well-being, and comfort of College employees and residents, as well as the sanitation, housekeeping, and physical condition of the campus.

With exception of small fish and registered service animals, the College prohibits any person from bringing or keeping pets in student residences or any administrative office or academic building. Pets are not allowed in such facilities as classrooms, libraries, studios, food service areas, administrative spaces, or public access areas. Faculty members and staff are not permitted to bring pets into their offices. Full-time employees occupying College housing may keep common domestic pets in their residence subject to certain conditions. The complete policy text is available in the Human Resources Office.