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“Our Students Are True Change Makers”

Bennington provost and dean Isabel Roche was the subject of a Q&A in HigherEdJobs about what makes the College—and its students, faculty, and alumni—stand out in the landscape of higher education.

Isabel Roche

“The very nature of a Bennington education demands that students adopt an entrepreneurial mindset in their approach to it: they design, curate, and build their education. They learn how to give form to an idea—and bring it forward,” Roche said.

“We also foreground the capacities that we want students to develop at Bennington and to continue to build throughout their lives—the ability to inquire, research, create, engage, and communicate. These are more than skills—they are the tools students need to be successful in whatever they do. We often say at Bennington that we are educating students not just to enter the world as they find it, but to make the world as they want it to be. Our students are true "change makers."’