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Teaching the Here and Now

Vermont Business Magazine recognized Bennington as being among the “top institutions” now offering pop-up courses—a new curricular approach that enables faculty, experts, and students to delve into current events and issues as they unfold.

Bennington pop-up course

Bennington, which has been offering pop-up courses since spring 2015, was mentioned alongside St. Michael’s College, Stanford University, and Claremont College. Earlier this year, Duncan Dobbelmann, Chief Communications Officer at Bennington College, published an op-ed in The Chronicle of Higher Education explaining how these courses are designed and incorporated into the curriculum, and why they’re so imperative in higher education today.

“The course’s very immediacy, its proximity to our lives,” he writes, “demands teaching and learning that embraces central, cross-disciplinary skills such as research, analysis, collaboration, and creativity. The development of these skills is much more heavily emphasized than are fixed outcomes. In this way, pop-up courses can both enact and model a deep, thoughtful, and active engagement with the world.”