Jonathan Mann '04 Garners National Attention for Song-a-Day Project

Apr 03, 2009

Jonathan Mann '04, who has been posting a new song every day on his website Rock Cookie Bottom, was featured in Time Magazine and The Huffington Post, and appeared on MSNBC recently after his song about Nobel-prize winning economist Paul Krugman was viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube.

"If Jonathan Mann were Sting," TIME Magazine wrote, "Hey Paul Krugman would be his Roxanne. His Layla. His Hey Jude. Sure, Mann writes a new song every day—on everything from the decline of print media to Battlestar Galactica—but ... Paul Krugman is his Pet Sounds."

Mann, who has posted more than 90 songs on his site, writes about "anything," he says. "It's been politics of late, but you name it—I write about [it]."

Watch his appearance on MSNBC's 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with David Shuster.