Dance Faculty Member Dana Reitz Revives Acclaimed 1994 Show Necessary Weather

May 13, 2010
Dance faculty member Dana Reitz and dancer/choreographer Sara Rudner garnered rave reviews for their recent reprisal of their 1994 show Necessary Weather at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York. 

The show, a collaboration among Reitz, Rudner, and renowned lighting designer Jennifer Tipton, weaves light and movement and is performed in silence, like many of Reitz's choreographed works, to reveal the movement's own musicality.

The show's performance—the first since its highly acclaimed premiere in 1994—-was "the must-see event of the week," according to The New York Times.

Times dance critic Alastair Macauly called the performance "one of a handful of the greatest and most successful examples of dancing without sound accompaniment that I have ever encountered."

The Times also featured Reitz, Rudner, and Tipton in a recent Q&A on its Arts Beat blog. 

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