Musician Will Stratton ’09 Back in the News with Third Album

Jan 10, 2011

A recent profile in the New York Press placed singer/songwriter Will Stratton '09 in good company, likening music from his latest album, New Vanguard Blues, to "Nick Drake ... suddenly blessed with John Fahey's blues guitar picking skills."

Stratton, whose 2009 album No Wonder was made up of songs he wrote while at Bennington, released New Vanguard Blues this summer, and is already at work on a fourth album, he says.

Since graduating from Bennington, he told the independent newspaper that he still collaborates with some of his former classmates.

"Bands like Mountain Man and The Wailing Wall are bands that I play with a lot that are my friends," he said. "It can get weirdly cliquish, but we try not to think about ourselves as a scene too much because we play with a lot of different people."

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