Community Engagement

Bennington students devote themselves to a number of community outreach efforts, often tied to their academic pursuits. Meaningful engagement in the communities surrounding campus provides opportunities for students to contribute through service and leadership while broadening students' perspectives on issues and initiatives.

Organize an arts event, translate at the free clinic, mentor a child, help build a home, raise awareness on social issues, deliver meals, teach a class, or develop a project of your own. Local organizations welcome your expertise and provide a setting for discovering new skills.

Bennington offers support for students interested in engaging with the community by facilitating student connections with local organizations and helping students overcome logistical barriers to engagement. Here is a sampling of opportunities, listed alphabetically, with information about the organization, the opportunities available to students, and transportation options. If you have any questions about any of these organizations or are unsure of the best fit for you, contact Michael Thomson in the Office of Student Life.



DescriptionHAYC3 (Hoosick Armory, Youth Center, and Community Coalition) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster the wellbeing of our community. This is accomplished through a variety of rural revival initiatives including arts, wellness, youth & community programs, small business incubation, community events and outreach, and partnerships with community organizations.

Opportunities: There are a variety of opportunities to engage at HAYC3 as events come and go on an ad hoc basis.

Contact: Aelish Nealon at for more information. 
Location: 80 Church St, Hoosick Falls, NY 12090 

Public Transportation: N/A

Images Cinema

DescriptionImages Cinema is the only year-round, non-profit, independent film house in the Berkshires. Ever-expanding to entertain and educate with quality programming, Images maintains a strong dedication to independent film and media. 

Opportunities: Work in concessions, housekeeping, and/or support at parties and special events. If you have an area of interest or a skill you'd be willing to share, it is more than welcome.

Contact: Janet at or 413-458-1039 
Location: 50 Spring St, Williamstown, MA 01267

Public Transportation: GMX from College to Williams Inn (1 transfer)

  • Monday–Friday: Brown Line from College to 215 Pleasant Street, Purple Line from 215 Pleasant Street to Williams Inn.

Left Bank

DescriptionThe Left Bank is a community gathering-place with art & performance space and office spaces. The community rooms host a wide variety of classes and are available for events and workshops. 

Opportunities: The Left Bank offers a number of community-focused projects for students to engage in. These include arts and culture map-making, art gallery sitting, youth engagement, publicity and marketing work, and grant writing.

Contact: Amy Anselmo at or Christine Graham at or 802-681-7161 
Location: 5 Bank Street, North Bennington, VT 052574

Public Transportation: Within walking distance.


Description: Since opening in 1999, MASS MoCA has become one of the world's premier centers for making and showing today’s most important art, music, dance, theater, film and video. With annual attendance of 120,000, it ranks among the most visited institutions in the US dedicated to new art. Hundreds of works of visual and performing art have been created during fabrication and rehearsal residencies by many of the most important artists of today—both well known, and emerging—focusing on large-scale and complex installations that are impossible to realize in conventional museums. The museum thrives on making and presenting work that is fresh, engaging, and challenging while re-invigorating the life of a region in socioeconomic need. 

Opportunities: Students interested in engaging at MASS MoCA could do so as a College Ambassador, Festival Volunteer, and/or Performing Arts Usher. 

Contact: Julia Melnick at or 413-662-2111 for more information. 
Location: 1040 Mass MoCA Way, North Adams, MA 01247

Public Transportation: N/A

Vermont Arts Exchange

Description: Since 1994 VAE’s mission has been to strengthen communities and neighborhoods through the arts and to bring art, art education, exhibition and performance opportunities to people of all ages, abilities, and income levels. 

Opportunities: There are many ways to volunteer including as an artist, instructor, or assistant in a class. Other ways to help are through office assistance, studio help, phone reception, and distribution of posters and brochures.

Contact: Rachel Payne at or 802-442-5549
Location: 48 Main St, North Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Vermont Veterans Home

Description: The VVH offers a complete range of specialized care services for its residents. VVH’s goals focus on ensuring the dignity, independence, and the highest possible care and quality of life for each resident. 

Opportunities: VVH is seeking individuals interested in assisting with weekly shopping trips, bingo, off-campus events, weekly in-house calendar events, and much more. Trained by the Activities Department, volunteers are considered as “force multipliers.” If you have a skill or talent that you would like to teach or entertain Veterans with, you are more than welcome to bring it to them.

Contact: Michele Burgess at or 802-447-6520
Location: 325 North St, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Animal Care

Second Chance Animal Center

DescriptionSecond Chance Animal Center (SCAC) is dedicated to providing compassionate shelter and adoption services for the animals in the center’s care, improving the lives of companion animals in the communities via spay/neuter assistance, and giving humane education, advocacy, and investigative assistance to law enforcement agencies.

Opportunities: Students could engage through a variety of tasks including cleaning kennels, assisting with clerical duties in the office, groundskeeping work around the center, and walking dogs. If you would like to become involved with SCAC, please fill out a volunteer application. Volunteering generally requires a 6-month commitment. Orientations are typically offered on the first Saturday of the month.

Contact: Maureen Stadnik at or 802-375-2898 (x311)
Location: 6779 Vermont 7A, Shaftsbury, VT 05262

Public Transportation: N/A

Bennington College Groups and Initiatives

The American Red Cross

DescriptionThe American Red Cross exists to provide compassionate care to those in need. ARC’s network of generous donors, volunteers and employees share a mission of preventing and relieving suffering, both at home and around the world.

Opportunities: ARC holds a public blood drive on campus once each term. All eligible community members are encouraged to donate blood. Interested students can help organize and staff the event and/or donate blood.

ContactMichael Thomson in the Office of Student Life.


Description: The DREAM Program, Inc. is a mentoring organization that pairs college students with youth from affordable housing neighborhoods. These mentoring relationships empower children to lead healthy, productive lives.

Opportunities: Interested students can work with youth as a mentor and caretaker for approximately two hours per week at the College.

Contact: Email Bennington student Jenna Kodata for further information.
Location: DREAM members meet on campus.


DescriptionGANAS ––a Spanish word meaning motivation to act--is an educational campaign by a group of Bennington College students and an opportunity for community building. As a student-led organization, its mission is to build a community of students, Latino migrant workers, and local organizations focused on promoting access to services and recreation for migrant workers, and to foster cross-cultural exchanges between Spanish and non-Spanish speakers. 

Opportunities: Students can participate as Spanish translators at the Bennington Free Clinic and at local farms, in addition to assisting in miscellaneous events throughout the term.

Contact: Bennington student Tess Morrison for more information. 
Location: Meets on campus.

Habitat for Humanity

DescriptionHabitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization building houses with people in need regardless of race or religion alongside volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds. HH has more than 1,500 local affiliates in the US and more than 70 national organizations around the world, helping to build or repair more than 800,000 houses and has served more than four million people worldwide. Striving to make safe, decent, affordable housing a matter of conscience and action for all members of the community. HH’s Bennington chapter seeks to create homeownership opportunities and lasting financial security for low-income families in Bennington County.

Opportunities: Bennington Habitat for Humanity typically builds on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00 am-3:30 pm and welcomes people of all skill levels above the age of 16.

Contact: Bennington student Emily Zars for further information. 
Location: Variable depending on the project. College vans available to transport students.

Quantum Leap

Description: The Quantum Leap program helps at-risk elementary, middle, and high school students in the community to return to school. Instead of being processed through the court system, these students work one-on-one with Bennington students and faculty to develop individualized educational plans that are modeled after the ones Bennington students use to structure their studies at the College. The project’s goal is to work with those children who seem least likely to succeed—who often come from chaotic home lives, extreme poverty, and traumatic histories—and give them the chance to make a “quantum leap.” The program aims not merely to get these students back in school so they can make it through, but to help them discover a love for learning that will allow them to prevail. 

Opportunities: Students have the opportunity to mentor and teach local youth while communicating the values of the Plan process.

Contact: Susan Sgorbati at or Daniel Michaelson at
Location: Meet on campus

Conflict Resolution

Center for Restorative Justice

Description: The Center for Restorative Justice of Bennington County is a private, non-profit court diversion program that benefits both victims and the community by restoring community, offenders and victims through a confidential, community-based and common sense approach. Diversion programs strive to work with offenders and assist in finding healthier alternatives to delinquency, court records, arrests and convictions. In assisting candidates it may offer counseling, education, job placement, social activities, and other supportive services through its many programs.

Opportunities: Students can serve as a Review Board Member, which is a critical component of restorative justice process. The duties of the Review Board Member include reviewing case summaries and background information, interviewing prospective CRJ candidates and deciding to accept or reject their case. Interested and qualified students could also serve on a regularly scheduled Restorative Justice Panel. Panelists engage participants in a discussion by asking open-ended, effective-motivational interviewing style restorative questions.

Contact: Bill Brown at or 802-447-1595. 
Location: 439 Main Street, Suite 2, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Domestic Violence

Project Against Violent Encounters (PAVE)

DescriptionPAVE’s mission is to end domestic and sexual violence and to provide supportive and educational services to individuals, families, and the community. PAVE offers a full range of services to victims of domestic and/or sexual violence that include a 24-hour hotline, court and social service advocacy, emergency & transitional housing, victim case management, support groups, School-Based Violence Prevention Curricula, Youth Crisis Bed Network, a supervised visitation program, community education and outreach, legal assistance, information & referral services, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising opportunities. Volunteers are the lifeblood of this organization, and PAVE is always in need of dedicated individuals. 

Opportunities: Students can engage through a wide breadth of initiatives, including helping with events such as those around Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October or Sexual Violence Awareness Month in April, assisting PAVE with daily office tasks, teaching educational workshops around conflict resolution skills and violence awareness, becoming an on-call hotline volunteer (requires 20-25 hours of training), and acting as a court advocate for clients requesting a restraining order and release from abuse form. 

Contact: Dana Vacchelli at or 802-379-5364. 
Location: 701 Main St, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Fulfilling Basic Needs

Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless

Description:The Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless was formed in 1997 to meet the needs of low-income families experiencing or facing homelessness. With permanent housing as the primary goal, staff work with families to design and implement a realistic plan for self-sufficiency through life skills education, case management, employment readiness and budget counseling. Serving more than 400 families, women and men annually, BCCH provides emergency and transitional housing for nearly 50 families, women and men at three properties with the goal to increase self-sufficiency, secure permanent housing and treat all with dignity and respect.

Opportunities: There are several ways to become involved with BCCH. Currently, the BCCH's biggest need is grant-writing research, though there are a plethora of tasks from fundraising to design work that volunteers could contribute to at the three shelter locations. 

Contact: Student Life Kilpatrick Fellow Michael Thomson and Bennington student Sander Houk are organizing different initiates for students interested in engaging with BCCH.
Location: 250 North Street, Bennington, Vermont 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

The Bennington Free Clinic (BFC)

Description: The Bennington Free Clinic is a member of the Vermont Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured (VCCU). Formed in 1995, the VCCU is a 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to increase access to healthcare for low-income uninsured and underinsured Vermont residents. The Clinic provides free primary medical care, with the exception of emergency care, and is available for adults 18 to 64 who meet the clinic's income guidelines.

Opportunities: Students interested in working with BFC can do translation work (Spanish, Hindi, and Gujarati needed) for guests, data entry necessary for BFC funding, greet guests and assist them when they enter the BFC, and engage in the BFC’s Oral Health Initiative. Students interested in the oral health initiative would assist in giving presentations on oral health in local schools and in conducting local grassroots surveys around issues of oral health.

Contact: Sue Andrews at or 802-447-3700
Location: 601 Main Street, PO Box 702, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Bennington Rutland Opportunity Council (BROC)

DescriptionBROC-Community Action in Southwestern Vermont is committed to empower, support and educate individuals and families to be self-sufficient in their employment, homes and communities. BROC assists with family stabilization and development, education, training and job creation, affordable housing and expansion of community awareness and advocacy in a nurturing environment of respect and dignity. 

Opportunities: BROC provides opportunities to assist with fund raising, micro-business client mentoring, delivery and pick-up of items to donors and customers through Good Cents Stores, pre-bag USDA commodities in the Emergency Food Shelf, assist in general maintenance of BROC facilities, and assist in general office help.

Contact: Pamela Shambo at or 802-447-7515
Location: 332 Orchard Road, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to CVS Pharmacy (request stop)

HIS Pantry

DescriptionHIS Pantry is a ministry of Sacred Heart St Francis de Sales parish that serves those in Bennington County and surrounding towns (Hoosick Falls, Williamstown) in need of supplemental food with no proof of income or need required. HIS helps an average of 35 families each day. Each family visits the pantry once a month. 

Opportunities: HIS Pantry needs assistance unloading trucks for deliveries, stocking shelves, organizing shelves, taking inventory, helping guide guests that come for food, and helping raise money for food. Students can also help with preparing food, which entails taking backstock out to the main pantry shelving area or sorting through donated produce. Students could also organize a hunger awareness event or food drive.

Contact: Diana Center at for more information. 
Location: 238 Main St, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Kitchen Cupboard

DescriptionThe Kitchen Cupboard is a distribution center for the Vermont Foodbank. Local Farmers and stores donate fresh vegetables that are available for guests during open hours on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The Kitchen cupboard is operated by the Greater Bennington Interfaith Council, but has no religious affiliation or requirement. 

Opportunities: Make easy, simple, and healthy recipes for clients to sample at the Kitchen Cupboard. This is to encourage healthy food choices for guests.

Contact: Sue Andrews at or 802-447-3700 for further information. 
Location: 800 Gage Street, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Meals On Wheels

DescriptionMeals on Wheels provides nutritious, high quality meals that support the health and independence of disabled persons in the Bennington area and Bennington residents over 60 years old. The Bennington County Meals Program offers nutritional and social benefits for both the active and home-bound, accomplished through two tiers of meal service: Home Delivery and Community Meal Sites. Meals on Wheels serves about 50,000 meals a year throughout the county. Most meals are home-delivered, but also available at the Café in the Senior Center Monday through Friday from 11:30 am-1:00 pm. 

Opportunities: Meals on Wheels has a variety of opportunities available for Bennington students: assistance with the afternoon vegetable prep team in preparing donated fruits and vegetables for distribution, updating the MOW website and database, painting the dining room, hosting events, and waiting tables.

Contact: MOW Executive Director Susan Fox at for more information.
Location: 124 Pleasant Street, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Shaftsbury Fire Department

DescriptionShaftsbury Fire Department's volunteer firefighters are an integral part of the Shaftsbury community. The department has over 25 volunteer firefighters that are on-call 24/7. Volunteer firefighters in the Shaftsbury Fire Department are well-equipped for a career as a firefighter, in addition to gaining valuable skills and providing an essential service to their community. 

Opportunities: Students interested in joining the Shaftsbury Fire Department must undergo a rigorous yet rewarding process of training, which includes 120 hours of Fire School training. You must have readily available transportation to join.

Contact: Joe Vadakin at or 802-442-7307
Location: 166 Buck Hill Rd., Shaftsbury, VT 05262

Public Transportation: N/A 

Turning Point Center

DescriptionTurning Point's mission is to help people find, maintain, and enhance their recovery experience through peer support and substance free recreation and educational opportunities. 

Opportunities: Turning Point is seeking choreography assistance for a dance in their Bennington Battle Day Parade march. In addition, Turning Point holds a monthly potluck gathering and presentation with which students could assist in preparing and serving food and cleaning after the meal. Students can also assist with events, clerical work, and manual labor tasks for maintenance of the office and buildings. If possible, volunteers should have a personal connection to addiction or substance abuse, either as a recovering addict or as an individual affected by a loved one's addiction. Turning Point is also open to working with students interested in substance abuse from an academic lens.

Contact: Administrative Assistant Maria Dumas at or 802-442-9700 
Location: 465 Main Street, Bennington, VT 05201 

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

United Ways of Vermont-Bennington

DescriptionUnited Ways of Vermont – Bennington is a local nonprofit that recruits people and organizations that bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done. UWsVT Bennington raises funds within the community to invest in needed initiatives that serve our community in the areas of health, education, and income. UWsVT Bennington also leverages available financial and volunteer resources to have a larger impact in Bennington.

Opportunities: There are a variety of engagement opportunities for students. First, UWsVT Bennington provides internship opportunities to gain experience with nonprofit field experience, marketing, fundraising, and human services. Second, UWsVT is in need of assistance in organizing a spring Day of Caring, which will be an annual event that requires volunteer engagement in the planning process throughout the year leading up to the event, pre-event preparations, creative marketing, and a large group of dedicated volunteers to participate in the Day of Caring. Finally, students can assist the Community Investment Committee with their funding requests and other needs.

Contact: Kayla Becker at or via phone at 802-681-8469 
Location: P.O. Box 472, Bennington, VT 05257 (no physical location)



Bennington Free Library

Description: It is the Bennington Free Library’s aim to stimulate use of its collections by informing the public of the resources available, providing guidance in their use, providing free access to a wide range of opinions and ideas, developing collections and services in response to community needs, and cooperating with community organizations in stimulating educational and cultural activities. The BFL aims to provide a dynamic library program that will advertise our services, attract non-users, and provide for and promote reading and self-development throughout the community.

Opportunities: The BFL has a variety of opportunities including clerical duties and general assistance in the BFL’s Children's Room, as well as clerical duties and assistance with book sales with the BFL Reference Librarian.

Contact: Linda Donigan at for more information regarding the Children’s Rooms opportunities and Diana Leazer at for other engagement opportunities.
Location: 101 Silver Street, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Big Brothers Big Sisters

DescriptionBig Brothers Big Sisters helps children who need and want a mentor. Through the personal growth and guidance of a professionally supported, one-to-one relationship, children develop self-confidence and assurance. Big Brothers Big Sisters needs mentors for children aged 5-14. Mentoring provides children with the single greatest advantage they need to grow up successfully: friendship with a caring adult, and has been shown to reduce the risk of alcohol and drug use, academic struggles and dropping out of school.

Opportunities: Commitment can vary from having lunch with a child once a month to taking them out for activities of interest on a more regular basis.

Contact: Kara Reimann at 802-442-5491 (x203) for more information.
Location: 100 Ledge Hill Drive, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Head Start

DescriptionBennington County Head Start offers preschool children and their families the building blocks for learning and parenting. BCHS provides early education classes promoting school readiness, and family opportunities and support to strengthen families for Bennington County residents. Children between the ages of three and five may enroll if their families meet federal income guidelines. All services are free for eligible families. Head Start offers services designed to meet each child's and family's specific needs in a safe setting. 

Opportunities: Possibilities include reading to children, classroom activities, work-study jobs, and flexible special projects related to particular skill-sets.

Contact: Beth Wallace at for more information. 
Location: 2 Park Street, North Bennington, VT 05257 

Public Transportation: Within walking distance.


Description: The Seedlings Program is designed to provide a nurturing afterschool environment for elementary school children managing the impact of poverty. Each Seedlings pod includes a cohort of six students. Children join Seedlings in 1st grade and ideally stay with that group through 6th grade and the introduction to middle school. The program began in October of 2014 with six students at Bennington Elementary School, where over 75% of the students receive either a free or reduced-priced lunch. The program has three main goals: one-on-one academic tutoring, enrichment activities to explore and enhance creativity, and opportunities to observe and practice appropriate behaviors. Seedlings participants practice the habits associated with academic success, have positive interactions with peers and adults, and are exposed to healthy snacks. 

Opportunities: Volunteers are needed to engage a small group of children in creative projects and play. Seedlings is most interested in the engagement and the relationship that can form when focused attention is given to individual students or small groups of students. All volunteers must first go through a criminal background check before they are qualified to volunteer directly with children.

Contact: Jeannie Jenkins at 
Location: 128 Park St, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Sunrise Family Resource Center

DescriptionSunrise Family Resource Center is a social services agency and member of the Vermont Parent Child Center Network offering services and support in childcare, secondary education, case management, advocacy and intensive home-based supports, resources and referrals for childcare providers, employment counseling and parenting education. A staff of 30 teachers, home visitors, case managers, mentors and coaches supports over 800 families in Bennington County annually as they work toward independence and resilience.

Opportunities: Sunrise has a number of internships available for students. For those interested in assisting with job training and vocational skills, Sunrise has an on-site job club program. If you would like to assist families in need, there are a variety of programs oriented toward young children, adolescents, and adults providing child care, youth development, and family development. These engagement opportunities are only available during Sunrise's open hours Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-4:00 pm.

Contact: Denise Main at or 802-442-0011
Location: 244 Union Street, Bennington VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

United Counseling Service

Description: At UCS, there are many opportunities to work with different groups of people: preschool children through the Head Start program (work-study jobs available), a grade school child through Big Brothers Big Sisters, teens through programs that work with older children with behavioral and emotional difficulties, and adults with developmental disabilities.

Opportunities: Once you decide where you want to be, you will have a brief meeting with the appropriate program director, who will talk with you about the work, ask how you would like to participate, and match you closely to the right children or adults.

Contact: 802-442-5491 (x281)
Location: 100 Ledge Hill Drive, Bennington, VT 05201

Public Transportation: GMX from College to 215 Pleasant Street

Village School of North Bennington

Description: The Village School of North Bennington is a pre-K through grade six independent school serving approximately 130 students, nearly all from the surrounding school district, which includes North Bennington and part of Shaftsbury. The VSNB depends on parents and community members who support it and help it thrive as a hub for growth and learning.

Opportunities: Students could engage as volunteers with Four Winds Nature Program, reading partners to spend a little time each week with students who need assistance, Cross-Country Ski Program instructors/aids, after-school tutors/mentors to help students with homework, administrative support (helping with mailings, data entry, etc.), and helping with PTO activities and fundraisers. If you’d like to participate in one of the listed activities, or have an interest beyond what’s listed here, you are welcome to see if it’s something that can be worked into the school program. Also, there is a program that welcomes advanced-level Bennington students of Spanish, French, or Chinese to teach those languages at the VSNB (pre-K through grade eight). 

Contact: Email or call Bennington faculty members Noëlle Rouxel-Cubberly (x4579) and Sarah Harris (x4379) for more information regarding the language programs.
Location: 9 School St., N. Bennington, VT 05257

Public Transportation: Within walking distance.

Senior Care

Bennington Project Independence

DescriptionBennington Project Independence is a not-for-profit agency that provides comprehensive, cost-effective Adult Day Services for adults over age 18 who face challenges associated with aging and/or disability. BPI’s mission is to encourage the vitality, health and well-being of older or disabled adults in enabling them to continue residing at home while supporting and providing respite to their families and caregivers.

Opportunities: There is a broad array of opportunities at BPI: assist the art therapist with activities and make sure art therapy workshops run smoothly, conduct life surveys with residents, play games, help out with miscellaneous activities, offer administrative help in marketing, and computer work.

Contact: Tracy Purdy at to set up a visit and info session. This visit will help Tracy shape students’ involvement to their skill sets and desires.
Location: 614 Harwood Hill, P.O. Box 1504, Bennington, VT 05201

VNA and Hospice of SVMC

Description:  VNA and Hospice of SVMC is the only VNA & Hospice in Vermont fully connected with a hospital system and offering comprehensive home health and hospice care. Staff and volunteers at VNA & Hospice make more than 30,000 visits each year to residents of Bennington, North Bennington, Pownal, Shaftsbury, and Woodford. Services are available 24/7. The Home Health Care Team is available to meet care needs where people live, whether recovering from surgery, having just had a child, or requiring long-term assistance. The hospice team works with individuals and their families as people go through the end stages of life, providing a full range of nursing, medical, spiritual, and support services. Anyone with a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness and a prognosis of six months or less to live, along with these individuals' family members, can benefit from the services provided by hospice care.

Opportunities: Our hospice volunteers provide companionship and respite to our hospice, palliative care and pediatric palliative care patients and families. We are always looking for more hospice volunteers. We would love to hear from anyone who is interested and available to commit to our nine-week training.

Contact: Mary Pleasant at or 802-442-0540 
Location: 1128 Monument Avenue, Bennington VT

Public Transportation: GMX from College to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (1 transfer)

  • Monday–Friday: Brown Line from College to 215 Pleasant Street, Blue Line from 215 Pleasant Street to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
  • Saturday: Light Green Line from College to 215 Pleasant Street, Green Line from 215 Pleasant Street to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center