Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

All off-campus employment requires prior approval by your International Student Advisor (ISA). Be certain to make an appointment with your ISA prior to submitting any applications, engaging in employment, or accepting employment.


To be considered for CPT, the work must not only be related to the student's major field of study but must also be an integral part of an established curriculum. Employment experience that is required for all students in a degree program always meets the requirements for CPT, regardless of whether academic credit is received for the work.


Undergraduate students must have completed one academic year of full-time study in order to be eligible for CPT. Three requirements must be met for employment that is a required part of a degree program. The student must:

  • have an appropriate job offer
  • maintain lawful F-1 visa status
  • demonstrate that the proposed employment is a requirement for the degree program

Duration of CPT

There is no limit to the amount of CPT time students may have as long as they continue to meet all of the application requirements, and continue to maintain full-time enrollment and make normal progress toward their degrees. They may engage in either part-time CPT (20 hours or less per week) during the academic year or full-time CPT (more than 20 hours per week) during official university vacation periods. However, please note that students who work for twelve months or more in full-time CPT are no longer eligible for OPT(Optional Practical Training) after graduation.