International Travel

When traveling to a country that is not your own, you need to confirm the entry visa requirements for that country. Please contact the embassy or consulate of the particular country you plan to visit for detailed information on what you need to do to apply for an entry visa should you need one.

For reentry to the United States, you will need a valid passport, a valid US visa, and a valid Form I-20. 


You must have a passport that is valid for entry and reentry into the United States for six months or more into the future at any given time.

Unexpired U.S. Visa

Citizens of all countries except Canada are required to have unexpired US visas in their passports to enter and reenter the United States. A visa is used solely for the purpose of entry and reentry to the United States. The visa does not determine how long an individual may remain in the United States. Therefore, an individual may stay beyond the expiration date of a visa as long as the Form I-20 is valid. Find out more about renewing your visa.

Form I-94

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has created an online, electronic I-94. You need to do two things when you enter the United States:

  1. Check your passport to make sure that the CBP officer has put an entry stamp indicating that you entered on a certain date, in F status, and can stay for D/S (duration of status).
  2. Print out your I-94 here as you will need it for other purposes.

Travel Signatures

International students must plan for international travel by first reviewing their immigration documents. In general, most international students will need the following in order to return to the United States:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid US visa in passport (except for Canadian citizens)
  • Valid Form I-20
  • Valid travel signature* on Form I-20 (in most cases, no older than 12 months)

*If you will need a travel signature, please check in with ISS.

Please check your documents prior to making international travel plans. Note that it is also recommended that you take with you all related immigration documents for domestic travel outside the Bennington area.

If you leave the United States and forget to take your Form I-20, please contact your ISA immediately.

Transit through a Third Country

Please be aware that many countries (including the United States) do not allow visitors to transit through their countries unless they have an entry visa, a transit visa, or meet specific requirements. Before arranging travel that would require transit through a country that is not your home country, review that country's visa policies.