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Guidelines for Pre-Registration

One of the most important things to remember as you envision your schedule for the coming term is that you have several years to take classes. For your first term at Bennington, you should explore as widely as possible. Develop your passions, certainly, but open yourself to discovering others. Your goal is to build a schedule that incorporates a variety of subjects (e.g. music, biology, literature, visual arts) and approaches (performance, labs, reading, writing, studio work).


Welcome: Registration Guidelines (fall steps)

Things to Consider

Welcome: Things to Consider (registration)

  • So, you're interested in public action?

  • Never thought you could dance? Danced all your life?

  • Interested in drama or in auditioning for a play?

  • Want to study a language?

  • Eager to dive into literature or the social sciences, or both?

  • Want to study voice or another instrument?

  • Science wiz? Math phobic? Neither or both?

  • Can’t wait to spend time in the studio?

Additional Resources

If you would like to discuss your registration with staff in Academic Services, please call 802-440-4400 to schedule an appointment. If you are a transfer student, an Assistant Director for Academic Services will contact you to schedule a phone appointment, since your registration needs are different from those those of entering first-year students.

Questions? Ask Us

  • Laurie Kobik, Assistant Dean for Academic Services
  • Kate Child, Assistant Director for Academic Services (First-Year Experience and International Student Services)
  • Kendra Ericson, Assistant Director for Academic Services (Transfer Student Advising)
  • Noelle Everett Murphy, Assistant Director for Academic Services
  • Cat Stines, Academic Services Coordinator
  • Kelly Hayes, Administrative Assistant
  • Phone: 802-440-4400
  • Hours: 8:30 am–4:00 pm