First-Year Forum: Your Bennington Education

A unique opportunity for the class of 2021!

First-Year Forum: Your Bennington Education
Monday and Wednesday 12:45–2:00 pm
Fall 2017 and Spring 2018
2 academic credits per term

"Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not preparation for life but is life itself."
—John Dewey

First-Year Forum is a two-term innovative approach to advising that draws upon methods and content from across disciplines to prepare students for success at Bennington. Led by a member of the faculty, who serves as the academic advisor to students enrolled, along with a student leader, these small cohorts will meet twice a week and experience a meta-cognitive approach to self-directed education.

Leaders will invite speakers from the campus community and beyond, including Field Work Term, the library, clubs and organizations, Student Life, Academic Services, and the larger Bennington community. Students will develop capacities for learning, discuss progressive education, practice and reflect on elements of their own education, and prepare for the Plan. Cohorts will also focus on community building and broad individual development of the whole student, including academic success, health and wellness, and engaging the co-curricular.

Students enrolled in the  inaugural First-Year Forum commit to the year-long structured advising experience it provides; additionally, they have the opportunity to serve an active and essential role in helping to further refine and shape the incoming class experience for future Bennington students. 

First-Year Forums will be led by the following faculty: