On behalf of the College, I welcome you to Bennington. 

Isabel Roche
Isabel Roche, Interim President

Before becoming the Interim President of the College and prior to being the Provost and Dean, I spent a number of years as a faculty member in French. For me, teaching here has above all meant engaging in meaningful dialogue with students whose individuality and potential shine through and who develop the discipline to think and rethink, to compose and revise, to shape and reshape. Whatever directions your education here moves, know that faculty and staff will serve as your teachers, advisors, and mentors, working and discovering alongside you.

At Bennington, we believe that the most significant learning is in response to questions of one’s own making. I invite you to begin thinking, even now, about the questions that might become central to your explorations at Bennington. Below you will find links to the curriculum and details about how to register for classes, as well as information about housing, orientation, and various other items to be completed before your arrival. I hope you take great pleasure in immersing yourself in these materials and, in so doing, in imagining yourself here.

We look forward in equal measure to welcoming you to campus.